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What are you reading now?

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the copy of the trial i'm reading is translated by willa and edward muir. It's a very old copy from the 40's. It was given to me by an austrian woman I know and she said that it's a fine translation from the german however it's the only version I've read so I have nothing to compare it to.

I'm reading it for the first time after having just read the castle a month ago. Although I haven't finished the trial I have to say that so far I like the castle more. We'll see if that opinion changes as I finish the last 100 pages.

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What the fuck kind of books are you guys reading that require study guides and devoting years of your lives to? I am reading Russka by Edward Rutherford and I have not had to hire a support staff

Seems like a good day to start a biography of Pliny the Elder and  Younger that Claire got for me at Christmas.  

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Almost finished with Night Watch, volume 1 of that trilogy by Sergei Lukyanenko:


...is excellent. I was going to read them in synch (both the Russian version and the English version), but I'm already almost done with the first book.

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cool, gg kay is great. i've only read "lions of al-rassan", but I'm looking forward to reading more.
All of his stuff is great, but my favourites are Tigana and The Fionavar Tapestry... though I am really likeing Ysabel. :)
Robert Heinlein - Friday
Great book! Probably my second or third favourite Heinlein. My favourite has always been Job: A Comedy of Justice. It is too hard to pick between most of the others since everything that he wrote in the 60's, 70's and 80's is so good. :)
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It's a big change from my normal light reading (John Ringo's books for example), the style's quite different and there's a lot more layers & subtlety so it takes some concentration to keep everything sorted in my head. I'm liking it so far, the political intrigues can get a bit tedious though.

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Ysabel was great and it turns out [didn't realize until nearly the end] that it is sort of a sequel to The Fionavar Tapestry.

Just read Race Through TIme by Piers Anthony and really liked it, starting on a couple Marion Zimmer Bradley Darkover books soon. ;)

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