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Suggestions for upgrading/entry

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Hi, I've spent the last week or so reading numerous reviews/forums for headphones and amps as I would very much like to upgrade from my current setup.

Currently my headphones are some ath a700's that are falling apart.

I don't own an amp or dac yet and the sound card I use is an x-fi titanium card I got for free from a friend of mine about a year ago.

Future upgrades are certainly possible, but for the moment my budget is around $400-500. But this is flexible. I am new to this, especially in experience with different setups. Comfort is also a concern of mine as I will be wearing these very often.

Some headphones I've looked a bit further into/am interested in at this point are the denon d2000/5000. I've seen the nuforce icon recommended as well.

As for what types of music I listen to frequently.. Acoustic, rock, classical, trance(especially vocal), and some other similar types on occasion.

Thank you for any help/advice should you decide to post.

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jHer deer,

Thanks for reading forum. I admire you initiateve you brake up the game world audio from your sound card.

A problem with the sound card drivers so much work on the Internet, because the new Windows 7 and Vista. Sound designers have no incentive to update old products for sale, so the sound problems in Windows 7.

I think you made a good decision to select, and acoustic music selection NuForce because NuForce is bright and sharp, making a good partner of acoustic sounds, and he has the grace and warmth.

Over the headset, and AMP, but important decisions must be completed high-end cable manufacturer's instructions.

Confirm your audio cable, as AMP is too hot, you are using silver cables and make it more clear. And if a brighter sound to you, of course, use copper.

I hope you ideas and step-by-game audio world.

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uh....thanks for politely posting, but if you read around this forum, I think you might find that not too many of us have much, if any, experience with what you might be looking for at this time.

Although I think the D5000 are decent headphones and very comfy, I have no idea what current amps in that price range might be a good match. i'm not a fan of the D2000.

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I think every single one of these newbie threads has included the closed Denon headphones. WTF? Maybe they need to get a welcome PM for the welcome PM.

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Team source-first say: use duct tape to fix your headphones, and get a good external DAC/amp out of the harsh environment of your computer, like the Apogee (used) or a Headamp product (new).

Team moar/betr say: save that first $500, save another $700 or so, and get JH13's.

Stax mafia say: get Stax.

Team I:ian:lolcats say: animal0083.gif

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I was wondering if the transducer could be qualified as the weakest part of the audio chain.

It seems that an engineer from Briiel and Kjaer Instruments said that once:

AES E-Library

Why and How to Measure Distortion in Electroacoustic Transducers

In the never-ending quest for better sound transmission, reinforcement, and reproduction, the electronics has been extensively analyzed for distortion. Distortion in electroacoustic transducers, while typically several orders of magnitude greater, has often been neglected or not even specified because it has been difficult to measure and interpret. With a basic understanding of transducer limitations, some knowledge of human hearing, and the application of different distortion test methods, electroacoustic transducer distortion becomes easier to measure and assess.

Author: Temme, Steve

Affiliation: Briiel and Kjaer Instruments, Naerum, Denmark

AES Conference:11th International Conference: Test & Measurement (May 1992)

Paper Number:11-028 Import into BibTeX

Click to purchase paper or login as an AES member. If your company or school subscribes to the E-Library then switch to the institutional version. If you are not an AES member and would like to subscribe to the E-Library then Join the AES!

This paper costs $20 for non-members, $5 for AES members and is free for E-Library subscribers.

Learn more about the AES E-Library

E-Library Location: (CD aes16) /procintl/1992po05/1431.pdf

AES E-Library: Why and How to Measure Distortion in Electroacoustic Transducers

What do you think? Was he right?

Caution: He was not saying this or that (dynamic, electrostatic, planar etc.) transducer is best.

He was just trying to develop standard criteria to measure them. I do not know if he has reached his goal.

Anyway, my bet: I would look first at the transducer.

Which one? I don't know.

Do you agree?

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Yes. There are, however, lots of measurements of transducer distortion. Buy Stax, and beer (for me).

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