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FiiO E7 DAC Held Captive & Tortured

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finally read everything. you guys should put warning signs on threads like these - half of it was shite.

Bit like a victorian melodrama, don't you think?

Lots of emotions, and ultimately rather predictable.

Great fun though!

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You rip into this guy for reviewing a ultra cheap device because he doesn't compare it to 1500$ units? You CAN'T compare a 100$ mobile device to the SQ and functionality of something 15x the price.

No, the reviewer did that himself. You must have missed this part from page 1:

Like the NuForce uDAC-2 for one. It also outperforms the AMB Mini3 in some areas as an amp. And the E7's headphone output blows away all of the more expensive USB audio interfaces I've tested (M-Audio, E-Mu, PreSonus, etc.).

I'm glad there are real audio forums out there without mindless children arguing and being pathetic.

An audio forum without know-it-alls? This fantasyland you mention doesn't exist in the known world.

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