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SSD recommendations or pitfalls to avoid

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I'd like to extend the life of a 3.5 y/o laptop by replacing the stock HD with an SSD. The plan is to use it for OS (Vista64) & apps only, with data kept external. Don't want to overspend since it is an ever-aging laptop, so I figure the 64GB models strike a good balance between capacity & price (~US$100).

Trying to catch up on this tech by reading various reviews & comparing to what is for sale these days. It seems older models were plagued with reliability issues, which I don't need. Brands with better track records include Plextor, Crucial, & Samsung. Surprisingly, Kingston has more than their fair share of negative reviews. So, although they cost a bit more, I will likely stick with the former brands mentioned.

Since many of you are computer-tech cognoscenti, including building silent HTPC's & such, I thought I'd pose the question before pulling the trigger. Any other recommendations, or pitfalls to avoid (obvious or not-so-obvious)?

Thanks y'all.

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Intel are my go-to SSD's. Others might be cheaper per gig, or claim faster speeds in various regards, but I will take Intel's rock-solid reliability every time, and the speed is still such a boon over any mechanical drive (and earlier SSD's), that I don't feel I'm missing anything significant. Sandforce-based drives get great empirical reviews, but have a poor reliability track record, especially the current gen. If you're going to out outside Intel, Crucial looks like the next best pick to me.

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I only trust Intel and Crucial SSDs right now. I am going to use my X25-E until the end of time. Snappy as hell and the SLC chips should last forever for a consumer. In reality, the controller is the weak link for a lot of SSDs, so I suppose the Marvell controller in the Crucial and the Intel's controller are the ones to beat currently for reliability.

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I bought a 256GB Crucial M4 earlier today. Its on sale from Amazon. The new firmware increased speeds another 20-32% in August. Now I just need a new laptop or a SATA iii card.


I still have a an OCZ Agility 60Gb thats going strong. It seems their newer iterations have had major problems, but have a new firmware version as well that is supposed to cure the bluescreen problems and such. Seems like it worked, no complaints in the last three weeks from users on the OCZ forums.

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I bought the samsung 512mb ssd for my new computer, actually tests over 5.5 GB/S at the moment.

In the future with die shrinks, the amount of times you can rewrite a sector is going to go down a bunch.

So buy the current intel's or samsungs now, because in the future, something is going to have to

be done with the operating systems to prevent rewrites. And always put in way more memory than

you need, and add a regular hard drive, and put the swap file on it.

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