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  1. Senn HD580 for $149 shipped http://www.ebay.com/itm/Sennheiser-HD-580-Precision-Headphones-/191363327265?pt=US_Headphones&hash=item2c8e24a521
  2. HD800 for under $900 http://app.audiogon.com/listings/over-ear-sennheiser-hd-800-headphones-excellent-condition-2014-09-16-headphones-84653-woodland-hills-ut
  3. And I am envious of that last orange shirt... AWESOME.
  4. This thread made my day after a long day at work. And, of course, happy belated birthday, Tyll!
  5. What type of turtles/tortoises are the teenage mutant ninja turtles anyway, come to think of it? If memory serves me right, there was a bad mutant turtle that resembled a snapping turtle...
  6. Bye bye World Cup. See you again in four years.
  7. I agree. Well spoken, Mario. As I told my Brazilian family, Brazil needed to lose in order to rethink and remember what made them great, which was always about enjoying the game itself: the "jogo bonito." Who had the jogo bonito? Costa Rica. Colombia. Mexico. Even if they didn't make it, goodness those were great games. That said, I am looking forward to see a rejuvenated Brazil next Cup. And I hope they end up in the same group with Germany... everyone likes a rematch! I also want Argentina to win simply because I want the Cup to stay in this side of the world. =D
  9. I don't think Brazil deserves the title of fourth place after giving up 10 goals in two games.
  10. And the Brazil nightmare never stopped. Bye Bye Brazi.
  11. At least Brazil still has "garotas"..... mmm mmm MMM!
  12. 3rd place is still 3rd place. This match sucks though precisely because they are mismatched. Poor Brazil. Worst selection in history.
  13. I like to think that sole goal scored was given away out of pity.
  14. Great World Cup. Giants felled and underdogs risen. Best World Cup I've seen.
  15. I think he meant the headphons giving head... not him giving head while wearing the headphones. Then again, a google image search for "Grado HP1000" results in some rather compromising photos...
  16. Isn't the difference in the charts due to the fazor implementation? The dates of the charts are October and December 2013, which is right around when the fazor upgrade was placed as part of the new production.
  17. Costa Rica, another instance where the goalie is gold. Very good run for my neighbors!
  18. I'm pretty sure some here will like this game just because of the concept:
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