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  1. If anyone is in the market for noise-cancelling headphones (refurbished for $149 shipped): http://www.harmanaudio.com/search_browse/product_detail.asp?urlMaterialNumber=HARKAR-NC-Z&CJPID=CJ
  2. Oh that's right. We never got around to discussing my other Joe Grado for sale... check your pm
  3. Happy birthday, Zach! Sell me moar stuffs!
  4. Happy birthday! Sidenote: how come that one smiley doesn't have extremeties? Amputee smiley pron???
  5. Happy 40th indeed. Good milestone!
  6. Batman: Arkham Origins for $10 http://www.amazon.com/Batman-Arkham-Origins-Online-Game/dp/B00CXTUBH8/ref=sr_1_2?ie=UTF8&qid=1396019475&sr=8-2&keywords=batman+arkham+origins+pc
  7. Another chromebook for sale on cowboom: Samsung XE303C12 11.6in Chromebook 1.7GHz 2GB 16GB WiFi
  8. I don't remember what it was. But cowboom will rotate list all day as soon as stock sells out on the current item. EDIT: I didn't get one of the chromebooks, hence why I don't remember what it was. Posted it thinking it was an all day thing and just found out about the rotation.
  9. For those looking for a chromebook ($135 shipped, but used): http://www.cowboom.com/deal-of-the-day.cfm?utm_campaign=LS&utm_medium=Affiliate&utm_source=Es5Ekr9eEBk&siteID=Es5Ekr9eEBk-eYv7eViEnySmvb2rSbRuPQ
  10. I've never been good at reviewing gear and, frankly, would never get around to it with so many unfinished personal projects I have going on. Anyhow, if someone will get a Black Diamond for testing/review purposes, I can loan a Joe Grado HP1/2 and a pink-driver RS1 for review as I am interested to hear opinions on synergy with Grado. Within the 48 contiguous states, of course.
  11. I was waiting for him to say something about what the damn thing actually sounds like. So... not really a review, not really "first impressions". There was no point to it other than to say "I am holding this new thing" and that was about it.
  12. I'm at work, browsing for the time being as I'm actually ahead of my schedule for the month. Anyhow, this may be of interest to those who like the genre: free celtic music at amazon. Have not listened to it myself but hey, it's free. http://www.amazon.com/Green-Hill-Celtic-Music-Sampler/dp/B00IKS2BHY/ref=sr_1_1?s=dmusic&ie=UTF8&qid=1394719878&sr=1-1
  13. Geez, everyone's bday these past few days! Hope you had a very good one, Nate! happy belated bday
  14. Happy belated bday, Dan! Hope it was free of Sandinistas!
  15. Out of curiosity, since the DHSA-1 was synergyzed for Grado, can the same be said for the BD amp?
  16. Newegg has the Crucial CT240M500SSD1 M500 240GB SATAIII Solid State Drive for a low $119.99 Free Shipping after Coupon Code: "EMCYTZT5636" (Exp 2/6). Tax in CA, NJ, TN. http://www.newegg.com/Product/Product.aspx?nm_mc=AFC-TechBargains&cm_mmc=AFC-TechBargains-_-NA-_-NA-_-NA&Item=N82E16820148694
  17. I used to have a pet turtle when I was a child. It ran away one day. Yes, as odd as that sounds, it RAN AWAY. One morning it was gone and I never found it again. I was traumatized and never had pets since then. True story. At least I now find solace in that maybe, just maybe, it spent the rest of its days testing STAX headphones somewhere... EDIT: Its name was Gamera. I grew up watching Godzilla movies... http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=B-UACM_8q_Q
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