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  1. For $68+ million, I hope the system stays with the house!
  2. ^^^ Almost went down a deep rabbit-hole after that one....almost....
  3. ^^^ Liked for the view, system doesn't do it for me....
  4. Very Happy Birthday Todd!!
  5. Very Happy Birthday Antonio!!
  6. Wow, this one hit like a gut punch.....RIP to an amazing person. I used to argue for her when so many were crapping on her for tearing up the pope's picture. Compare that to what was done to thousands of kids BY that very church.... Her voice was incredible, the passion of every song evident. RIP to a truly great one that did not deserve the bad she got. May she truly rest in peace.
  7. Very stylish! Even back to the chair.... Maybe 2 years ago, I was on a call with a vendor/consultant and we were doing video, not just audio. After the "business" portion of the call ended I asked him to stay on if he had time for something non-business. The background of his video showed some Focal speakers (in his NYC loft!). They turned out to be Sopra 3's (> $25K/pr). I joked that they were charging too much, but we ended up chatting audio and music for almost another 1/2 hour. One of my favorite business calls ever.
  8. I'll take "Impulsive Rich Idiots" for $1000, Alex..... https://www.businessinsider.com/meta-holds-rights-to-x-twitter-rebrand-elon-musk-2023-7
  9. Nice^^ Eva Cassidy did a great version of Son Of A Preach her Man, too....
  10. I lust a bit after those Buchardt Audio Anniversary 10's....they use the Purifi woofer, which is supposed to be a dynamic, high-excursion, low distortion, and really good sounding driver.....
  11. IMO, the Lavry DAC's were very good in their time.....DA-10 (which I owned and liked), and DA-11 (never owned, but heard once at a show and seemed to like).
  12. Very Happy Birthday!
  13. ^^ Got it in my Roon library, thanks Ian!
  14. Couple interesting designs...think the second one should be called Ticehorn? 😄
  15. This does still potentially scare me. According to latest reports, negotiations have resulted in Wagner/Prigozhin in "exile" in Belarus in exchange for not being prosecuted. The news is calling it a blow against Putin, but if somehow they reconcile, it indeed does leave a large force there for relatively quick deployment....
  16. As much as I grew up with and like/love many of those bands, I wouldn't pay that $ or face that crowd. I've been lucky enough to see my favorites, The Chameleons, several times in one form or another. And they definitely still have "it."
  17. Very Happy Birthday Kerry!!
  18. Moderators: can we please change the site name to poisonousclan.com? Kthxbye
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