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  1. Lots of established and smaller artists on there, including a HS friend and the lead singer of my favorite (no longer together) band....also don't love the sound of it.....
  2. Very Happy Birthday Craig!
  3. Some new stuff from Tears For Fears and Johnny Marr. Both pretty darn good, especially the new TFF....
  4. RIP sally Kellerman.....beautiful woman, good actress, and loved her voice as well.... Didn't realize she had Dementia 😪
  5. RIP Exogal the company.....really too bad....the Comet was one of my all-time favorite DAC's, and the mindset behind this company was pretty great (some ex-Wadia folks included).
  6. I'm with you, Dan.....lost my Aunt for the same reason, though SHE wasn't so right wing but her (influencing) children are apparently....
  7. Well, you're not trying hard enough then! Glad it was a good WORK day, now I hope you enjoy it personally!
  8. Happy Happy Birthday Birthday!!
  9. Couple varied listens from Qobuz: First brought back many great memories from college.... Second is REALLY enjoyable for me, pretty chill without being boring - Trentemøller - Memoria
  10. Many congrats and even more good luck! Your work is fantastic, both in looks and I'm sure sound!
  11. RIP to a random person: Krysten Gentile. Krysten died a few days ago, at age 40, of stage 4 metastatic breast cancer. She worked at the same company as my wife Karen; I was able to meet her once when she and Karen had a Zoom call with each other. I poked in and had a brief but very pleasant chat; Krysten's persona - so bright and beautiful - shown through even in that brief moment. A truly beautiful and amazing woman, she fought hard, and was public in her fight and in positive thinking to help others. She created a web site & podcasts with another Philadelphia-area woman with stage 4, "Making The Breast Of It." She touched Karen's life, and even a tiny bit of mine. Obituary: Krysten M. Gentile (nolanfidale.com) And....FUCK cancer!
  12. Sometimes the humane thing is hard to do.....sorry again, Jacob.....
  13. So sorry to hear Jacob; thank you for being such a good human for him! RIP Dunhill.....
  14. Sorry to hear about both your mom and cat, Jacob!
  15. Nice Bryan! My son feels exactly the same way, for all the same reasons (sound quality + social + delay in HiFi). He will likely not go back. I upped my Tidal subscription to a family account so he and his GF can use it.....and I just bought a used Bluesound Node 2i for him to use with Tidal Connect (his existing Elac device that I gave him only does it through Airplay, and not very well).
  16. RIP! He was certainly larger than life! I like the fact that some of my friends are remembering him via Rocky Horror pics and memories, even though songs like Paradise By The Dashboard Light were pretty much anthems for part of their youth.
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