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  1. Just your standard run-of-the-mill Ambient Avant-Garde Piano Folk music by a lovely Armenian woman....😄 Actually quite nice with some neat sound touches.
  2. Very Happy Birthday Adam!!
  3. Happy Happy Birthday!
  4. On FB there's a "10 year challenge" to post pics current and 10 years back....this one took the cake (pun intended!)
  5. ^^ My son is waiting for that....I am giving him my Elac Discovery endpoint, it does Roon (he can't use that when they move to their new apt.) and Spotify connect. I am also giving him a pair of speakers and a receiver. Sounded good with Spotify, but not as good as with Tidal/Roon.....
  6. Apparently latest forecast is 8-14" for us here in NE Mass. (originally was going to be less with the storm more South....something like 3-6") EDIT: another site says 6-12", maybe with my specific area just outside the heavier range.... This neighbor's tree is the one my wife called the Charlie Brown tree, it was very small and bare when we moved in.
  7. That reminds me of a theory that Bob Carver (I think it was him) was espousing years ago....something to the effect of raising audio signals into much higher frequencies, 20k Hz apart, and having the "subtracted" signal be sent via a smaller speaker. It would beam similar to that demo above....and in theory you could get 20-20k Hz response. I may not be remembering it correctly, but I thought it was interesting at the time....
  8. I think my brother had that album, looks very familiar! But I don't remember the sound....the song above is not familiar
  9. RIP to an old High School friend Chris. He was So into music, both listening, and playing. He fronted a rock/punk band in Salem, MA for many years. Back in HS, he was heavy into the burgeoning punk scene, embracing the music and the style so very early. Yet he was one of the most kind and decent people I knew. He never drank or did drugs, he was so very tolerant of so many faults in others. And he loved his family and his dogs (he loved Sheltie's) with a vengeance. It sounds like he passed from COVID issues. (EDIT: Bacterial Pneumonia brought on by Covid. I'm pretty sure he was vaccinated too). Fuck Fuck Fuck.... My very favorite story about Chris: a couple years after graduation, I found myself in our hometown. Driving into a 5-way intersection in our downtown, I see Chris across the street. He was dressed wearing a T-Shirt from the band Discharge. I shouted out my window, "Hey, CHRIS....Discharge rules!" And he shouts back, "YO, Discharge....oh, HEY Todd...!" It was so much about the music for him. I can't seem to stop the tears....every time I think of him they start to flow. A pic from a few years ago, the 4 of us were pretty close in HS, Chris on the lower right. And then a video of him and his dog Beau.
  10. Happy Birthday Jacob! Celebrate with a large 7-11 Decaf 😄
  11. Oh, man....RIP John Madden.... I just heard a "doink!" in my head in his voice. Football just lost one of the very best.....
  12. RIP Archbishop Desmond Tutu....an incredible voice for equality in South Africa and beyond.....
  13. Merry Ho-Ho-Ho to all that Ho!
  14. Not Xmas music....this is a bunch of fun. Punkabilly with female vox....
  15. Oooh, didn't know about Tracey Thorn's album, will definitely listen! Not the most capable voice, but SO emotive, I love it/her. BTW, one of my favorite EBTG tracks is "Come On Home" which also has a slight Xmas theme or reference to it.
  16. My new small obsession: Fat Cat Art. A HS FB friend followed this woman's page, she has a fat cat and is a painter (or does photoshopping well). She injects her cat into various scenes and famous paintings. Sadly, her cat (Zarathustra) just passed recently. But she's amazing and fun with her work, even some YouTube videos that had me chucking tons. I especially liked this because we used to have a fat orange cat named SOTA. Some of you may remember a multi-page thread around 2006 on H-F where SOTA was photoshopped to hell and back. He became known as The Rambo Bose Kitty, and had his 15 minutes of cat fame. Anyway, fun to browse: https://fatcatart.com/?lang=en
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