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  1. Hi Nate, link doesn't work, URL looks cut off and results in a not found type of page.....
  2. RIP Ben Stelter, a 6-yo who died of Brain Cancer. As a hockey fan, it was incredible to see the impact he had on the Edmonton Oilers, and the love they had for him. Fuck cancer...fuck it hard especially for attacking such young kids.... https://www.nhl.com/news/ben-stelter-young-oilers-fan-dies-play-la-bamba-baby/c-335242756
  3. Christ, does Putin have videos of Russian girls peeing on his face, too?! What a fuckwad.....
  4. Bumping this a bit, now that I have a RAAL SR1a set....does this project have life still? Curious minds are curious....
  5. Olivia Newton-John is a minor deity in my book, a beautiful woman inside and out. All this even though I wasn't so much into her music.... RIP.....and fuck cancer....all types, but especially mbc.....
  6. Went to one of my local dealers today, got to listen to the LX-60's as well as the LSX II's. The 60's are amazingly balanced top to bottom, very smooth yet detailed sounding; the bass is deep yet very tuneful I'd say. Yet at times I thought it was still a little too polite...maybe TOO refined..... The LSX II's were a little more bloomy in the mids; I actually heard more of the room & reverb on a couple recordings. It may not have been as flat as the LS-60's tonally, but it was not glaring, and it sounded quite nice. I think the LSX II's with the KC62 subwoofer (they have a line level output for subs I believe) would be an awesome pairing at about 1/2 the cost of the LS-60's. But damn do those 60's look nice!
  7. ^^ That group was my first "alternative music" like. I was a big Pink Floyd fan, and they (and Teardrop Explodes) were written up in Rolling Stone as being part of the new Psychedelic-influenced sound in the UK. I got each band's first album in 1980 and was a fan big time. Got to see them live, then Ian M. solo after Pete de Freitas passed away and they had broken up. Unique and wonderful voice....great band all around. Funny story: when I saw them, it was at a club called The Channel in Boston. I had a college friend (also named Todd) who got so drunk at the show we had to help him outside, he could barely walk. The 4 of us went around the side so he could puke in private....and out walks the band to their bus! We got to chat briefly, and said how much we liked them and the show. Will Sergeant chuckled a bit and said something like "I think you're friend didn't really like us...." 😄
  8. Happy Birthday!! And as always, thanks for being....Todd (I mean YOU as Todd 😊)
  9. So sorry Jim, RIP to a great pup.... And RIP to two what I consider legends in their fields! I had read that Nichelle spent a decent amount of time helping NASA get women & minorities interested in the Sciences.....
  10. Very Happy Birthday!!
  11. ^^ Saw this yesterday and didn't think much of it. But after reading your post just grabbed it....
  12. Very Happy Birthday!!!
  13. Happy last 3 Birthdays 😄
  14. No, Mountain Loins are what the large cats eat if they catch you.....😊
  15. My current top 5 would probably have several that have been on it for many years: Chameleons UK - Script of The Bridge/Strange Times (tied) Joy Division - Unknown Pleasures Propaganda - A Secret Wish October Project - s/t The last, as well as likely many honorable mentions, are a little more variable....
  16. What a tragic story, but glad she is OK....will definitely give this a good listen!
  17. Got to see my favorite, Mark Burgess of the Chameleons, at a special tour he's doing. He does acoustic, and he has a guitarist doing the echo-y/reverb-y stuff for which the band is well known. REALLY interesting concept, and last night's venue was a little "Coffee Haus" above a Firehouse museum type place. All in Millis, MA, pretty much nowhere. The room was very nice and quite intimate. Took my son, we both loved it, and got to chat with Mark before and after. Lots of good chat about the songs and his history, stuff we had never heard before. Quite a great night. And I'm going to see him again Thursday night at another place.
  18. Saw Jimmy Vivino and Ronnie Earl last week. Really nice Blues, all different types. We went because of Ronnie Earl, and the fact that Jimmy had grown up and went to school in the same hometown as my wife (Glen Rock, NJ); I wasn't familiar with him otherwise. Turned out to be a HELL of a show! Ronnie has a bunch of health issues, so it was great to see him live. And Jimmy was right up there in energy, voice, and spirit. he also had a boatload of great stories from clubs across the states and musicians from the 60's on....
  19. ^^^ That song and In The City are my two favorites of his.....(especially when the latter was used in The Warriors)
  20. So sorry Chris, RIP Jeffrey. My father-in-law had Frontal Lobe too....not pretty. All my best to you and family!
  21. Happy Birthday! Hope it is/was great!
  22. Happy Birthday Birgir!!
  23. Had some friends up in Maine; nice lunch overlooking the ocean (past a pool), then poking around Kennebunkport and Cape Porpoise. Looked like someone was home in the Bush estate, not pictured but there was a Secret Service vehicle parked there. Also a pic of the lighthouse at Goat Island, in Cape Porpoise.
  24. Happy Birthday! Maybe wine from a bottle instead of a box this year? 😄
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