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  1. Thanks for the link Raffy, now the decision is much easier.
  2. I have been a cheapskate and both the wife and I still use a 3G iPhone since September 2008. I believe it is time to move on but now I have to decide between the 4S or the new 5. I will start reading on both.
  3. Spent all day wednesday in a Miami-Dade courthouse waiting as a potential juror. Luckily I was not selected and do not have to go back today.
  4. In a cabin in the norh Georgia woods about 10 miles from Helen.
  5. Ran across this and was wondering if any of you has seen it or used it? I am not a gamer nor do I need a portable mini-thing but it sure looks cool. http://www.ithic.com/
  6. On Saturday spent time with my in-laws and celebrated my father in law's 84th birthday. Now waiting for Isaac!
  7. ^ A lot but I am a pack rat and still have thousands of them.
  8. ^ I have listened to both as well as the HD661 and for the money (under $50) they are ok. I have the Samson SR850 which Carl had an opportunity to listen to recently and he seemed to like them. The SR850 set me back $33 with S&H and I believe for the money they are superb.
  9. I just don't know what to say, Matt was such a nice and gentle person. The few times we met he was always a gentleman and friendly to the extreme. This feels so wrong to loose someone of his caliber at such an early age. May he rest in peace.
  10. Spent Monday waiting to see a dentist to re-glue the crown the put in 16 months ago. Sorry to hear your dog is gone.
  11. Its form looks good, an smaller wheel type pot would have helped with an smaller profile.
  12. Worked on my father in law 2000 Honda CR-v by: 1. Washing the engine. 2. Replacing the spark plugs. 3. Cleaning the carburator. 4. Replacing the oil and filter. 5. Replacing the air filter. 6. Charged the A/C. 6. Washed, clay bar, polish and waxed the car. 7. Steam cleaned the carpet and upholstery. 8. Replaced the two front and the rear wiper blades. 9. Five new tires with balancing and valve stems (auto shop). On tuesday comes the hard part with the mechanic working shocks, tranny service, timing belt, coolant flush, cv boots, brake fluid flush, alignment, new belts and hoses. His car is going to run great and he will be very happy.
  13. mrarroyo


    The PAL-V … flying car. Oh boy, I want one! http://pal-v.com/press-media/videos/
  14. Very retro looking and IMO they look nice in a different kind of way.
  15. Get well soon Jacob and hope things get patched up soon. Yesterday the wife and I went to look at what I was hoping would be her new car (Mazda CX-5 Sport) but it did not work out. We have tested over 7 vehicles already and … I hate buying cars.
  16. mrarroyo


    It is a risk sometimes major risk buying stuff off eBay. When I buy stuff off eBay they tend to be not very expensive because of the associated risk.
  17. Hope they put that fire under and SOON! Good luck to you and your neighbors.
  18. Needed to relax a bit so after a three day symposium in Bonita Springs spent a few days in Sanibel Island. Not the best time for swimming but all the snow birds were gone! http://picasaweb.google.com/109437154048....COvB-_neju-E3AE
  19. Went out with my in-laws to La Casita Restaurant in Calle 8 for fathers day. We consumed a carafe of Merlot … good times.
  20. Great you and your dad had such a great time at the ball park.
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