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  1. Hate to disappoint but it is a stock 1600 cc single port engine. Unless of course you are talking about the "phatbastard" who drives it!
  2. Thanks for the link, I will be busy this coming weekend.
  3. The transmission on my 1970 VW Beetle stopped working, I thought it was the cable a $150 job. Instead there was a problem with the throw out bearing so it will be about $650 since the engine and aftermarket A/C had to be removed. No complaints since it broke at the office parking lot instead of the VW show in Dade City 400 mile away on 11/13.
  4. A 1930-40's phone! Now I will work on it to get it working.
  5. What is the problem with causing trouble?
  6. Wish my desk looked this nice and tidy! BTW, love the speakers.
  7. Get well Larry. Sorry for your loss Wayne. Met with Carl for Chinese lunch in Fort Lauderdale. Did a bit of listening of new gear, lots of fun.
  8. Thanks Ric, no video and most (99.9%) of my music files are 16/44.1
  9. I have been using an optical cable to feed a DAC that is about 18 feet from an iMac. The optical cable has bit the dust and rather than getting the same I am thinking of streaming the music wirelessly from the apple extreme base station by the iMac. Specifically I am thinking of the AirPort Express Base Station which in turn would feed the DAC via the optical out. Any other suggestions? Thanks.
  10. Reserved for additional comments. Please indicate your interest before including which item. Thanks.
  11. Hi, thanks to Jacob (EdipisReks) I am being allowed to start this thread. The idea came about from how much some of us like the amps produced by Graham Slee combined with not many members having listened to his products. Hopefully this loaner program will allow some members the opportunity to try the gear and comment on how well it sounds and/or if improvements are needed. There are two large boxes on the way from Great Britain with the following gear: 1 Gram Amp 2 Communicator 1 Gram Amp 2 Special Edition 1 Gram Amp 3 Fanfare 1 Elevator EXP/PSU1 1 Reflex M/PSU1 1 Reflex C/PSU1 1 Solo SRGII/PSU1 1 Solo Ultra-Linear/PSU1 1 Novo 1 Voyager 1 Voyager (spatially enhanced) 2 Cusat50 1.5m dual mono 3 SMPSU There are a grand total of 21 items, counting PSU1's and "greenies" (switching power supplies). The three “greenies” can be loaned with equipment that has the PSU1 power supply so the user could compare the two types. I have owned a few components like the Voyager, and Novo, plus currently own the Solo SRGII with a PSU1. This last one I have loaned to various members here in the past. BTW, many of the items above are phono stages and since I do not do vinyl I can not try the equipment so hope to live vicariously through your comments. You can read about Graham’s phono stages at: http://www.phonostagepreamp.com/ As far as the headphone amps you can get more information at: http://www.headphoneamplifiersusb.com/ and you can read on his interconnect at: http://www.gspaudio.co.uk/Interconnects/cusat50interconnect.htm Hopefully enough of the members here have an interest in borrowing the items listed above with the understanding that: 1. This loan is open to “Casino Members” in the continental USA to facilitate the S&H. The same person could "borrow" more than one item. 2. The loan period is two weeks. 3. The individual would have to post comments both in HeadCase and in Graham Slee Forum (registration needed and I will add a link to said thread in Graham's forum by Friday so it will be easy to find). 4. The cost to ship the item with insurance and delivery confirmation to the next person is to be paid by the sending party. 5. A PM will be sent to the recipient and myself each time a piece of equipment is sent forward to the next user. 6. The equipment will not be opened, altered, and no internal pictures would be taken. 7. At the end of the loaner all of the items will be returned to me and all the units will be auctioned with the proceeds going to a non-profit organization. Equally divided among American Cancer Society, American Diabetes Association, and Red Cross. All of the items are brand new and if they behave as the previous gear I have owned from Graham Slee they will need a long burn in time (perhaps you do not believe in it and so be it ) ). Therefore the first “borrower” would have the unit for up to 3 weeks to allow him/her the opportunity to burn the unit for as much as possible. Hope to hear from you on your interest by posting here. A list will be prepared for each of the items showing the five borrowers. Thanks.
  12. Darn nice to see the references in the two websites posted above. Congratulations!
  13. I have owned my RS-1 for a bit over 6 years and it is a favorite of mine (currently listening to it btw). Having said so I felt that at times the RS-2 for certain music was the better sounding can. We all hear differently and thus what makes this hobby so much fun and challenging.
  14. Raffy, hope you and your co-workers can cope with the recent loss.
  15. 78 F at 6:30am, hope it gets into the 60 degrees soon!
  16. Congrats to baby Benjamin and his family!
  17. Hi Shelly, have you tried Cointreau? http://www.cointreau.us/#header
  18. First I would like to thank Todd of TTVJ for the opportunity to listen to the Apex Butte in the convenience of my home with my music and cans. Second the quick impression ... this is one heck of a nice sounding amp! Made in the USA for $495 to boot. The closest amp I have to compare the Butte to is the Graham Slee Solo SRGII with the PSU1. According to Graham’s website the Solo SRGII with the PSU1 sells for $434 BP about $671 USD. Or you can buy the Solo SRGII with a switching PSU for 314.25 BP about $486 USD. Both units were fed from the same DAC (using RCA spltters), music and cables. The initial cans used were the HiFiMAN HE300 w/ the HE6 OCC cable and the Superlux HD661 and the Grado RS-1. The music was by Jim Hall, Jimmy Smith, and the Jazz at the Pawnshop CD. I thought the SRGII and the Butte sounded very good and it was just a matter of preference in sound reproduction. The differences I heard were not pronounced and could be summarized by stating the Butte ... 1. The treble is a bit more extended. 2. The soundstage is a bit narrower. 3. Not as mellow sounding. 4. The music is presented closer, as in being in the front row versus the 10th row in a venue. 5. Great bass impact. I moved to the Grado RS-1 with flats instead of bowls. The Butte has indeed a more in your face presentation, for now I prefer the mellower and warmer presentation of the Solo SRGII. I should mention that the sound differences are not significant and some/many may prefer the Butte's presentation. My wife listened to both amps via the RS-1 and depending of the music one amp sounded better to her than the other. She did agree the Butte has a slightly narrower presentation with a more extended treble. The DAC used was the one included in the HLLY SMK-II via the fixed RCA outputs. The music was fed via USB from an iMac 21.5 using apple lossless files using iTunes 10.4.1 Once again thanks Todd for the opportunity and this is definitely great sounding amp which will make many users very happy.
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