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  1. Cost cutting by corporate phuck tarts, man that sucks.
  2. Thank you guys and gals, not much was done on the 30th but went with the family to Vanderbilt Beach in Naples and a good time was had by all. Thanks again.
  3. mrarroyo

    Storm Watch

    Darn! 2nd name storm of the season that has not officially started.
  4. Packing to drive over to a rented a place to spend the weekend with the in-laws. Should be a lot of fun since they are great people, better than me for sure.
  5. Sorry to hear about your loss, best wishes to you and the family.
  6. Justin, could these be used to replace the stock ones in an SRD7 Pro energizer box?
  7. Leonardo you are correct that it is still in production, albeit with a water cooled engine. I meant production was stopped with an air cooled engine. The bay window model is shown in the link below. Cheer.s http://www.limbobus.org/brazilian_kombi.htm
  8. Big brother watching? Yes I am paranoid.
  9. VW buses (baywindow style was made in Brazil till circa 2004 and Beetles in Mexico till circa 2003). If you want to see some nice VW's for sale check out www.oldbug.com or TheSamba.com Personally after restoring the beetle I posted above I would buy one already restored to save a lot of time, aggravation, and money. I would buy a car from the south west USA since it is very unlikely it has any rust issues which is the death of most cars. By the way Ari of course you could drive the awesome Pollito! Did I mention the car has been driven over 400,000 miles! Stock transmission but on the 2nd engine.
  10. That is not nice! I will have to send "Pollito" over to set you straight.
  11. Have you ever tried the Yuin OK1 or PK1? Do not isolate as well as iems.
  12. mrarroyo

    Desk Lamps

    For under $23: http://www.officedepot.com/a/products/687849/Realspace-Urban-Task-Lamp-17-H/?cm_cat=2000000353 I have had one for over a year and works well, if a lot of light is needed then get two! Still cheaper ...
  13. mrarroyo


    Darn, the XDA-1 for under $200 including S&H. Nice!
  14. http://www.speedtest.net/result/1942642013.png
  15. Sorry to hear hope you and the family find peace and solace. Glad you were able to see him.
  16. on Thursday 4/5 met with Carl for at Jack's BBQ on Oakland Park, Fort Lauderdale for lunch. Nice time was had.
  17. Good luck Ken, glad you are talking and in good terms during this hard time.
  18. Went out to lunch on Sunday with my in-laws, nothing fancy (Red Lobster) but a good time was had by all.
  19. Feel better soon Shelly. After my morning walk washed the car and for lunch took the wife to Van Dyke Cafe ( http://www.thevandykecafe.com/ ) lunch. Now at home listening to Patricia Barber, all in all a good day.
  20. My 70 Beetle has been running awful for the last month or so. First the carburetor was leaking so had it replaced when working on the float of the old carburetor did not help. Then the fuel pump was leaking as well and installed an old fuel pump I had laying around. However the car kept on running poorly and the gas milage had gone from 28 mpg in mixed highway/city driving to 20 mpg. Lastly took the old vacuum advance distributor and replaced it with an old mechanical advance distributor I had and it is running better. I think the diaphragm on the vacuum advance system is busted! Luckily they sell replacements for $35 or used ones (risky) for $10. I should know in a few days after I check the mpg if the problem has been sold.
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