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  1. Hi Raffy, I did the easy way … had it done by a local hand carwash place about 1 mile from my apartment. Yes I was lazy but swmbo is happy. Edit: The removal of the polish and then later the wax were done by hand.
  2. Day off, so the wife's car was washed, clay bar to remove the "road nasties", light polishing compound used, and finally waxed. Sure looks purty! (the car that is)
  3. Very pretty! Congratulations to mom, dad, and lets not forget … Esmé.
  4. A pair of old Radio Shack Minimus 7W, can be found on eBay for $50 or less.
  5. Vicky very sorry about your dad, hope your mom gets well soon.
  6. mrarroyo


    Adorama has 32GB Kingston SDC4/32GB Class 4 microSDHC Memory Card for $29.95 + free shipping.
  7. Sorry for your loss Mike, having lost my mom back in mid september I feel for you and your wife. Today I spent time with my dad who is in town for Christmas and resting in between chemo treatments. So far he is responding well and we are optimistic, time will tell.
  8. Sorry Mike and to the rest of your family.
  9. mrarroyo


    Newegg has the Senn HD201 for $13 with free shipping.
  10. Glad it was not a stroke, one of my best employees suffers from this and although he has improved a lot some small tell tale signs remain. Hope yours was caught in time and you fully recover.
  11. I am doing similarly but with an squeezebox classic.
  12. The reason for the balanced dac was to eventually feed one of the Stax amps that have balanced input. The reason for the balance amp is to drive an AKG K1000 and a Head Direct HE6. Thanks.
  13. Fitz your dad's MGB should a very nice looking car. I had mine while I lived in Puerto Rico during my senior year in HS, as you can imagine I had a blast with it and since at the time we were all thiner I had 6 in the car! Boy a lot of fun was had in the car even if at times setting up the dual carbs and dealing with two 6 volt batteries was a pain. I did hate having to remove the spoke wheels to clean and lubricate the splines. Quite often due to the corrosive effects of driving by and on the beach. Wish I had pictures ...
  14. Nice to know about the parts availability, my 67 MGB had the chrome bumpers and spoked wheels. Of course it was BRG! How soon will your dad's MGB be completed? I go to Atlanta at least annually and would love to see it completed.
  15. Awesome work Fitz, what year is your dad's MGB? I ask because my first car was 1967 and except for my 1970 Beetle it has been the most fun car I have owned. Thought of picking one up but parts can be a pain as well as a good local mechanic. So instead I am thinking of a 1969 VW Karman Ghia instead. Best of luck.
  16. mrarroyo


    Touch is on the way! Thanks.
  17. Great news Shelly, now go and spoil them rotten!
  18. Congrats Chris and Larry. Carl, got to love SF!
  19. Thanks for your feedback guys, for some things I am a cheapskate and paying to hear music on the go is one of them. Sadly in SF the radio stations that I find acceptable are down to two (88.9 and 89.7) so I may be paying for a service in the near future.
  20. Carl, any pictures taken at Art Basel?
  21. Hi Carl I looked into Mog but to get it on the iPhone it is like $10 a month, are there any other options? Thanks.
  22. Did not know what FTFY meant so I googled it! Originally means "fixed that for you." It also works as a double meaning for "fuck this fuck you." It's only used in that derivative in closed circles to confuse those that aren't in "the know" and is usually used in cases when two parties argue over something innately idiotic that has no logical outcome.
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