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  1. From my day playing guitar I love the sound of the 6V6 tube as in an old Ampeg amp. Also the 7591 but those have gotten quite expensive.
  2. iPad I got my dad! http://www.wimp.com/dadipad/
  3. Thanks to all who mentioned Printopia, it will solve my printing issues at home. When on the road or at the office will sending the print to dropbox allow me to print with the printers on the server? I will ask our system administrator on Monday, thanks.
  4. Yes an iMac which is connected to the same AiportExtreme. Thanks.
  5. I would like to print from an iPad, I have been reading a bit and at the moment I do not have any wi-fi type printers nor any printer that natively supports airprint. So I wonder if there is a good application that would allow me to print from an iPad to a printer I have hooked up via USB to an Apple AirportExtreme. Any suggestions are appreciated. Thanks.
  6. I have about 2,000 "albums" and the Touch sees them fine over wifi.
  7. Fitz, that is pretty darn good shooting at 30 feet! Regardless of how many times at a range.
  8. Shelly, I am partial to Ohm Walsh speakers and there are a couple of pairs being sold close to your home state via AudioKarma. For example: http://www.audiokarm...light=ohm+walsh
  9. Congrats to Mike's daughter! On wednesday took the wife out to dinner and a walk on the beach to celebrate our 20th anniversary!
  10. Just got back from the HamFest in Orlando, lots of fun hooking up with all friends and new ones. It is amazing how cheap most of the tubes were going for, I mean NOS 6SN7-GTB or 6922 for under $15. Only bought a couple of 25 year old Zippos's for $5 each (already refurbished at the factory).
  11. Steve, have you tried the K1000 driven by the Marantz receiver and using the new dac?
  12. You could be right, or perhaps not.
  13. Would a sealed lead acid battery with a charger/maintainer work well?
  14. As the owner of a RWA Isabella I can say I am very happy with how the HE6 and HE500 sound with it. Also the amp via a 30.2 drives the K1000 very nice but I believe (still testing) I prefer the balance out of the Isabella.
  15. The W2 was prepared incorrectly by my employer for a non-disclosed number of employees. Waiting for the revised form so I can file. This is fun!
  16. Get a vintage Marantz, Pioneer, Yamaha, or Mcintosh receiver from the early/mid '70's and you will be surprised how good they sound after a recap and setting/checking the bias. Plus you can run a set of speakers by your workstation or better yet an energizer box or K1000 from the 2nd/3rd speaker out.
  17. I liked the K701 a lot, although mine was bought in late 2005 (low S/N) and I thought it sounded much better than the latter examples of the K701. Or it could have been placebo.
  18. Although leaving the boat in a lake is not as bad as in the ocean you may want to find out if there are any companies who would scrub the pontoons once or twice a year. Otherwise the additional drag due growth will make you spend a lot on additional fuel.
  19. Happy B-Day Dom, where have you been?
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