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  1. That is pretty cool and the best part you do not have to deal with "but-head drivers"
  2. Feel better Shelly, btw about 2.5 years ago I started taking echinacea once a day. Have not had a cold or sore throat since, could be luck or the echinacea working.
  3. Hi Todd, I was out for about a week due to a death in the family but yesterday (9/21/2011) upon my return the Butte was in. I fired it up right away and I was very pleasently surprised with the wonderful its wonderful sound. It looks like a brand new unit so I left it burning-in and hope to have more comments early next week (at least 100+ hours). The size surprised me, it is much smaller than the pictures led me to believe and the fit and finish is top notch. Of course the sound is where the rubber meets the road and based on about 1/2 hour of listening time you all have a winner.
  4. Hope you get well soon Vicky, sorry to hear you are in pain.
  5. Good news indeed, provided the kits are of the same caliber as the ones from the "olden age".
  6. Hi Todd, PM sent with contact information. Thanks.
  7. Get stronger Brent, hope as the days pass you will feel better and work will not be such a painful chore.
  8. Its ok, upon my return listened to some music via the Head Direct HE300 dynamic cans and then went to dinner to Texas de Brasil churrasqueria. All in all a good day, oh and I took today off to recuperate from all the VINO I drank.
  9. Went to work, we are in the process of repairing a 54" force main (sewerage line) into the wastewater plant of 17th Street.
  10. Al that is one awesome looking beer storage unit. Brent and Fitz glad you two had such a great time. Marc, sorry about your dad and sending good thoughts for a speedy recovery.
  11. Is any of you using Comply foamies with your iems? I have been using them with a TF10 and a Westone 2 and I like how well they seal/isolate and very comfortable.
  12. Best wishes, and hope your dad gets better soon.
  13. Glad for you Brent, hope your employer assists by authorizing the disability. Good luck.
  14. Awesome pics and fun was had by all!
  15. Hi Todd, how soon can you ship it? It does look like an interesting unit and if Tyll likes it then it is worthy. BTW, I could pass the amp to either Carl, Mike, Vicky, Alex as you see fit. Cheers and thanks.
  16. Be safe and best of luck. If you have not done so already take plenty of pictures and/or video to document the before. It will assist with the insurance company should you suffer damage.
  17. Hope all the local Head Casers are fine.
  18. Continue to get better Brent. Congratulations Ric and to your wife.
  19. Hurricane supplies in anticipation of Irene. For the rest good luck should you or your loved ones be in its path.
  20. Hurricane Irene is hitting Puerto Rico, 800,000 without electricity. Lets hope for minor loses and that it dies at sea w/o hitting the USA.
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