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  1. I think he is as Coconut seems to have spun off of Exeres
  2. I like how they describe the tube sound of the Valhalla
  3. It was 19 on the way in but it was still well worth it to be able to meet and drink with everyone. Many thanks to Kevin, Todd and Doug for the glorious whisky and beer.
  4. I got a free Bic 40Z the other day and after adding an RJM VSPS that I put together on a breadboard, I think I have to say that I wish I got into vinyl earlier. Makes Flac files sound boring and flat.
  5. Agreed, same thing happened to me a few pages back
  6. What a legacy to leave behind. R.I.P. Dr. Sennheiser
  7. Determined that the starter motor on my jeep is busted.
  8. Sticky sheet worked. Driver's on there pretty solidly now. And most importantly, no more rattle on the bass notes!
  9. The left driver on my Lambdas has become loose. It's barely being held onto the black plate/housing piece. Any recommendations on how I should glue it back on? I was thinking clean the old glue off with alcohol and use a superglue.
  10. Count me down as interested. Would a mercury vapor rectifier PS be feasible?
  11. I'm coming to CJ exclusively to hear the T2 now. I also really like the power isolation transformer idea, the thought had (sadly) never occurred to me.
  12. If you were filling the enclosure with thermally conductive gas, would you need the tubes sticking out? And what about using a non-conductive liquid like mineral oil?
  13. Emooze

    Canjam 2010.

    Definitely, I've done a drive from MA to downeast Maine by myself and that was horrendously boring. Was going to try to put a little more work on the case of my eXStatA and possibly bring it. Will be buying a power regulator this time.
  14. Edward Sharpe and the Magnetic Zeros: Up From Below [ATTACH=CONFIG]2832[/ATTACH]
  15. Replaced the turntable motor on the microwave.
  16. The eXStatA sounded a little bit better than Stretch's 007t but not as good as the WES or the BHSE from what I remember. End-all amp it is not, just a good performer for the price.
  17. I'm trying my hardest, thanks for the save Stretch. The KGSS might actually be my next amp build. I'd be really interested in comparing that to the exstata.
  18. I have to cut my teeth at some point but... A underpowered eXStatA blows all those amps out of the water. The background is just totally silent.
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