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  1. thespace.org have made quite a bit of progress cataloging John Peel's record collection (started May last year). http://thespace.org/items/s000004u
  2. The Microphones - The Glow Pt 2 In memory of Matt. One of his favorite albums... and one that took me years to appreciate.
  3. For my last proper (of my choosing) album of 2012, I thought I would play some free jazz, to round out a very free 2012... but decided to go back to a remix of one of the classic albums I loved from the 90s. Cheeba/Moneyshot/Food remix Paul's Boutique: https://soundcloud.com/ninja-tune/solid-steel-radio-show-31-8-1 2012- an incredible year in music.
  4. deepak


    Bringing back Windows CE epic
  5. I hear you, but there is a lot I need to improve with my riding before a better bike is going to help me out. So improving skills > new bike. Or if something big breaks on the GT. That said I was firm on "no new bikes in '12" which I shockingly stuck to... those resolutions never worked with music or gear. It would be an understatement to say I'm really proud of myself in that regard. The self restrain to not whip out the CC was hard. It's going to be all the sweeter when it does happen.
  6. -drop from 155 to 140 lbs -put ~ 350 miles on the mtb, this might be difficult given my schedule this year. But we'll see -significantly increase my upper body strength so I can improve my riding technique, using arms/forearm suspension to absord bumps better. I've never lifted seriously, so I have my work cut out for me here -pick up an Edge 500 to follow my riding progress
  7. http://www.dustandgrooves.com/ Interesting site to gawk and read about peoples collections.
  8. Mike how have the Elixirs been on the Hob?
  9. Telarc 1812 Overture macro shot Canon EOS 20D ,Canon EF-S 60mm f/2.8 Macro USM 1/250s f/16.0 at 60.0mm iso400 with Flash full (not my photo)
  10. Happy birthday guys, hope it was a good one
  11. For the MTB'ers, free digital subscription to Switchback Magazine
  12. I will probably get the vinyl when amazon has it. I do love SW's surround mixes, so I might get the blu later on. I bought the deluxe book for Insurgentes (4x 10" lp), and Grace For Drowning. Grace wasn't really that limited, Insurgentes was. I don't think this new deluxe book will be hard to get; Burning Shed haven't specified a number they're making, unlike Insurgentes which was I believe 1000 copies.
  13. My only nit with SW is you have to buy the super deluxe edition which is $$$ to get the bonus tracks. Anyway a minor nit from one who spent $500 on a free jazz box set, and SW's deluxe book's are very well done. Have you guys heard Astra - The Black Chord? It's not bad, just not the most ground breaking music. I still enjoy spinning it now and then, came out last year iirc
  14. Vicki are you seeing a physiotherapist for strengthening? Mike the battle scars will become common place. Shave your legs for faster wound healing I bought a Race Face Ride stem, 6 cm. Very cheap, always wanted to try a shorter stem with higher rise. Weirdly I can't use the img tags
  15. New Steven Wilson solo album, Alan Parsons engineered it. http://stevenwilsonhq.com/sw/new-album-details Four videos of recording sessions
  16. I could ban you... from the entire forum?
  17. I would go with what feels natural to you. I like full finger, but I scraped my hands up pn a spill back in the day riding w/o gloves, so full finger gives me a bit more confidence
  18. Darn... playing tkam in league 2. Was hoping to crush Biscuit Boy again.
  19. Speaking of which, does anyone have a proper way of measuring inseam? There doesn't seem to be a standard way of doing it and I come up +/- 2" the times I have tried... which is a rather large window of error (and it has nothing to do with how cold it is )
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