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  1. Da'oh I already have 1.5 bags, ordered another two anyway. Do you guys just store it at room temperature in Seth's packaging? Mysore is my second favorite that OBR stocks.
  2. deepak


    One of the BIG things that took me out of IV was the more realistic driving physics. I'm not sure if more realistic is the right description, the driving feels so floaty in IV. It just wasn't very fun to aimlessly drive around when you can't power slide turn through stop lights at 50+ mph That's what made those PS2 era GTA games so fun, especially San Andreas. The laid back driving physics plus huge game world made it so you could just pick up the game, drive around for 20 minutes and still enjoy yourself. I doubt R* will change anything given the massive critical accalim of IV.
  3. I meant the servicing at Rolex, since that will probably be what I need to do. But re-reading your post it sounds like someone else had it serviced there? Either way I'll send Rick a message. Also, post pics!
  4. That sounds good. 3/4 Indian mango (the ones from the Caribbean are mediocre) 4 strawberries 2 slices pineapple roughly 1/2" thick 10 or so grapes Tropicana OJ Ice I'm trying to find a substitute for the OJ since it's the highest in calories of the ingredients. But that drink a couple of hours after lunch (sitting in the fridge) just does it.
  5. Would you mind saying how much the Rolex service was? I am sort of dreading even asking how much a non-working 50s rebuild is going to cost.
  6. deepak

    Top Gear

    It's staged. If you rewatch it you can see there are already motorcycle tracks in a few of the segments. NTTAWWT, it would have been a major pain in the ass to film that all in real time. I thought it was a bit sad to see such a historic building abandoned.
  7. Any reason you'd want more voltage gain? Going by Tyll's calculated impedance of 364 ohms, that is about 11 mW with a 2v source (neglecting copper loses). With something like the modified Pass output stage for ES9018, that is putting out over 4v balanced. And the 71a adds a small bit of gain (or what about an input transformer). Unless you are talking about a commercial product that has to appease a wide variety of sources and headphones.
  8. Doug can your parafeed DHT impedence matching amp drive the HD800? Colin says yes, but you know trusting gin... I have Slagle's 14 position autoformers inbetween my dAC and amp, holy hell are they good. Though the Aleph P does some things better.
  9. Ari I'd love to chew your ear off about the Technics the next time we meet. I've been more interested in those after my phailed Lenco project. WRT to the VPI, I have to commend them for their exceptional customer service and not charging me for something even though the TT was one of the earliest made. I would rather buy a proudct from a company willing to fix their mistakes than one with poor support. Nottingham US and UK support is virtually non-existant... maybe this has to do with Tom Fletcher no longer being around, who knows. If the VPI DD is really high torque like the SP-10 I bet it would sound real sweet with a Phantom II. The DIY aspects are interesting but the flip side is you're left to working on your own stuff if something goes wrong. I am ok with this for amps, but not mechanical stuff. Personally I prefer to come home to something that works all the time. I've done some rudimentary testing with my L75 in a birch/ply/birch plinth with PTP2 and the motor noise is not acceptable with the HD800. Inaudible with speakers, even 103 db/w ones. This is after taking apart the motor and re-oiling it. I haven't bothered with aftermarket bearings or idler wheel yet. At this point I'm sort of ready to abandon the project. And the other thing about the DIY thing is you gotta hoard dem parts for spares. Long term support is what I am looking for which kinda leaves out boutiques like Brinkmann and Grandprix. VPI is being taken over by Matt Weisfield, a guy a couple of years younger than me. Happy 4th guys.
  10. Aww I go away for a month and this place turns into an HD800 love fest Of course you would like them you CD3000 fanboy
  11. Happy belated b-day Jeffy, hope it was a good one!
  12. Seinfeld's dentist, one of my favorite side characters on that show
  13. I agree the overall production sound is the same, but Embryonic is more dynamic on vinyl.
  14. The Flaming Lips new album The Terror is good. Make that really good. It's sort of like Embryonic part II, dark and dreary. I think it's one of their best albums. Sadly DR of about 3-5 through most of the CD. The vinyl should be better.
  15. Those custom made capacitors probably make that best Grado amp ever. I would like to roll opamps with Joe Grado.
  16. Having my afternoon cappuccino and got a real craving for Digestives Grahame will know the dealy-o
  17. A very late belated happy birthday Fitz, hope it was a good one! Sorry I only saw this when viewing Off Topic, and not view new posts
  18. VPI is releasing a direct drive turntable. It seems to be hinted at that it will be their new flagship. Jeff you were looking for a new turntable right?
  19. deepak


    Blue Note t-shirt/vinyl bundle. Only medium left now. The Dexter Gordon album is really good (has Bud Powell the man). If these are the Capitol releases they are mastered from high-res digital. But IMO worth it just for the shirts. http://www.popmarket.com/details/28153284?feature_id=28153282
  20. I can't do any meets until 2014 Sorry Brent, too busy with lots of things
  21. I'm reminded of the great H-C Dannyb avatar team back in the day
  22. Even with my Bistro grinder I don't use the FP these day. I've grown addicted to the smoothness (no grains/sludge) of Aero. Though I've been using my 860 a lot more these days for morning cappuccino.
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