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  1. I have heard that before, but I never really understood how that could be possible? USG
  2. I have not seen any documented evidence either. I'm probably wrong, but I thought I vaguely remembered boomana getting a different one back... maybe not? USG
  3. But, as it was pointed out, if they are not paid for, he could sell them to recoup his losses. It occurred to me that some people have reported getting back something other than what they sent in.... is this a Ponzi scheme? USG
  4. It has been suggested that few, if any, new orders are being placed with SP and with this thread and the repair thread on HF I doubt any one is sending in their amps for repair. So, what is Mikhail doing all day? USG
  5. Hi Genetic Why would SP even acknowledge that? Anybody want to go for the top 10 reasons why Mikhail didn't ship "your" amp (today)....? - SP regrets to inform you that they have encountered a temporary packing tape shortage due to a batch of defective tape. Fresh tape has been ordered. All packages will be re-taped and sent for pick up by FedEx ASAP. USG
  6. Could you enlighten those of us who don't know the story? USG edit to say that was meant with the utmost respect and not with any sort of attitude.
  7. Hey Dread The arguments against your findings are starting to sound like cable believer stuff. May I ask you something? Using your best objectivity, do you hear any difference between balanced and SE ? USG
  8. Picked up a present for my office.... 320s and flac, no more carousel CD player ... Stay warm you guys in the deep freeze.... USG
  9. Wow, you guys take some great photos.... I don't have equipment nearly as good as yours, but here's one I took from Piermont NY looking across the Hudson at Tarrytown... USG
  10. I'm using mine as a preamp tonight.... DIY Shuttle > optical > Stello DA100 > GS 1 > ebay amp > Polk Satellites as computer speakers Pretty nice. USG
  11. You guys always get such good stuff.... I had to settle for this e-bay amp and my Woo3 to use my old 1996 Polk satellites as computer speakers..... USG
  12. Wow, cassette decks.... now there's a blast from the past. I went down in the basement and found this old dusty thing.... Probably still works.... USG
  13. Hi Jeepster How do you have your USB set up? USG
  14. Hi J I'll explain. When Clark ran his amplifier tests, the golden ears that were assembled were allowed to listen to the various amps and write down their impressions. When they did this, they had definite opinions about about the sound of each amp and could easily describe the differences between them. This all changed when Clark started the ABX testing. Now, the results were nothing more, statistically, than guesses and all the reported differences of sound stage, bottom end, etc. disappeared. If I remember correctly, with all other things being equal, a $219 Pioneer amp was found to sound the same as a $12,000 set of Futterman mono blocks. This is one reason why I don't completely trust my ears, unless I can quickly A-B back and forth (and even then it's iffy because more than one person has been fooled by Ray's switch box). So far, one person said that the W3 cannot do it at any volume level because the output impedance is too high. Do you agree with that assessment? Eric The Richard Clark Challenge David Clark test
  15. Hi grawk 24 vs 16 is not really an issue for me. At the time, I thought 24 sounded much better than 16, (from the Adams downloads) and you didn't think I could tell the difference, and were probably right, but the point is that I expected the 24 bit to sound better and it did. Therefore, my qestion.... never mind what I think I hear...... What do you think? At low volumes, 9:00 and under, can the Woo3 do it with 701s without distortion? I appreciate any info you can provide. USG
  16. I know, but I think the essence of that discussion was that what I was hearing was placebo, no? USG
  17. Hey deepak, how are you doing? Of course I tried it! I'm a regular T-shirt wearing HeadCaser, so I tried it a lot..... But trying it a lot does not always give me a definitive answer. I also thought that the 24 bit stuff that Ryan Adams had on the internet sounded better than his 16 bit versions, and to paraphrase grawk, what I heard was nothing more than placebo effect... So, that's why the question.... What do you think? Can the Woo3 do it at low volumes? USG
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