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  1. Do you have -=someone=- in mind to do it?
  2. I was really looking for a technical answer. Grawk once explained why I wasn't going to hear a difference between 16 bit and 24 bit, even though my ears thought I could hear one. Anyone who has listened to Ray's switch box might be able to relate to this on some level. Sometimes it's just hard to tell and sometimes it's just hard to get past your own preconceptions. When that happens, I usually try to find a more technical answer. Anyway, it was a serious question. -=USG=-
  3. -=Hey Guys=- I have my 880s and 650s in another room and was wondering if my 701s can be powered by my Woo3, without distortion, if volumes are kept low. I understand the problems the "3" has with low impedance headphones, but I'm wondering if it's a volume issue, where more power is called for, or it just won't perform at any volume level because the volume control is an attenuator? Thanks USG
  4. same chip as Thingee and Trends UD10 There is the possibility that the Trends might sound better than the Thingee using its optional external PS. As far as the Thingee goes, I'm not sure it does anything more than the $50 usb converter from DIY.... except that DIY mentions that you should power the chip separately and not from the usb connection if you want it to sound good and the Thingee is USB powered.
  5. here you go, I'll host them for a while..... USG
  6. Congratulations Nate, this is a milestone for you.... all the best ! Eric
  7. I took 5 shots..... this was the best... USG
  8. Hi Luv I would hope for that kind of money, will you at least be decorating the chips...? And will you be enlisting someone to review it in stages during it's 1750 hr burn in, so we can read all about it every day.... ? And could you make the signals run in both directions at the same time like Grawk's....? Thanks USG
  9. Artist: John Lennon Ablum: Song: Working Class Hero Lyric: And you think you're so clever and class less and free But you're still fucking peasants as far as I can see USG
  10. Artist: Warren Zevon Album: Song: "Lawyers, Guns and Money" Lyric: "Send lawyers, guns and money,The shit has hit the fan"
  11. 60s for me...... went from doo wop to the British invasion.... Cannnonball Adderly, Getz-Gilberto, Booker T, Ramsey Lewis and all the other major jazz names that didn't make it on the pop charts..........
  12. A Homage might be a better choice than an outright fake....
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