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  1. Is that an Orpheus clone next to the HE60? Thanks, Purk
  2. Nice impressions guys please keep them coming. Did anyone manage to compare the ES1 and ES2 w/ HE90? Thanks
  3. purk

    Modwright SWL 9.0SE

    I'm sorry Tom but it is very tough to image you with that title. This is the case when number of post count is meaningless.
  4. purk

    Modwright SWL 9.0SE

    They also have a mod out for squeezebox w/ tube output. I always love the way my modwright sound, hopefully my up and coming Exemplar 2900 will give 90% of my Kern/Modwright SCD-777ES.
  5. purk

    Modwright SWL 9.0SE

    That tube rectified PSU is pretty special, you should check out the Mullard one for even more impressive performance I experienced about 15 to 20% imrovement in sonics on my Sony SCD-777ES after I upgraded from SS PSU to the tube rectified one.
  6. I got it for $1170 shipped via paypal. It was the one on audiogon. I still have no clue what tube it will come with (it is scheduled to arrive next Tuesday). I was very impressed with your Denon 2900 and I want to try it out in my system. After all, I need another great source for my amps. Do you have any recommendation on what I need to do to get the 2900 up to speed? http://cls.audiogon.com/cgi-bin/cls.pl?dgtlplay&1199903492
  7. Vickie, I didn't read the whole thread yet, but I broke down and bought the Exemplar Denon 2900 myself. I was mighty impressed with it at the Florida meet.
  8. Yes, but you can occasionally get a good deal like Single Power extreme platinum for around $1600. That's a bargain.
  9. Has anyone of us own them? Wonder what they sound like? What kind of issues anyway?
  10. I think the Omega2 MK II is out. You guys can check moon-audio for more information.
  11. The HD-650 with a very good amp should have no problem in bass region. I think you did the right thing with the Ed.9. The bass was certainly way too much and somewhat oppressive. I had a chance to buy them for $1000 and passed. They are not bad but a properly amped HD-650 can sound a lot better.
  12. Neil, Nice to have you here. I've taken the deliverly of the ES-1 and it is pure sonic bliss.
  13. Is this the upgrade version of Dynamight?
  14. Which do you prefer, the SR-Omega (original omega?) or Orpheus?
  15. Yay...we got 10 mins of rain!!!
  16. Yes, the Apache is now $3000. Unless the Apache is significantly better than the Headroom Balanced Max (4K unit), I can't see it as being a good value. At a recent Florida meet, I was surprised at how well a Balanced Squarewave (1.6K) measured up to the 4K HR Balanced Max. The sonic differences b/w them was very very small probably less than 5% and Mikhail was telling me that with a stepped attenuators, the amp will sound markly better. What even more surprising is the Dynamight was head and shoulder above every solidstate amps I've heard and Balanced Beta 22 is supposed to be even better for less than $2k.
  17. I never found the HE90 to be bright out of either HEV90 or ES-1. IMO, the HE-90 has pretty much the nicest treble out of anything I've ever listened too, in fact, the treble might be a little too polite out of the HEV90. OTOH, I always found the L3000 and O2 (via KGSS) to be slightly recessed in the treble though. If we are going to talk bright, the R10 is definitely a good bit brighter than the HE-90.
  18. Nice to know that I can get 8K for my headphones. Sweet.
  19. http://cgi.audiogon.com/cgi-bin/cl.pl?accstwek&1197669094 Yes....it has been sold. I contacted the seller just to see how much he actually want, but he told me that I need to offer more than 25K for the combo b/c he had a deal pending for the Orpheus system then.
  20. I believe Akwok sold his for more than 8.5K. Recently, there was the Orpheus System on audiogon sold for 25k. That is crazy. Given the going rate of the R10 are b/w 4.5k to 6k, that isn't a bad price for the HE90.
  21. Sorry I am not sure either. I thought that I read some where that it was around 6K.
  22. I believe it was 5 or 6K.
  23. I feel sorry for Jude. Tkam, Headfi outage is actually good for heacase. We seem to have more members browsing now and many more discussions.
  24. I'm sure that they will improve slightly being balanced, but I'm not sure how much. If the ED.9 has slightly less bass and nicer midrange, they are pretty nice headphone. Oh....and slightly wamer presentation will be nice too.
  25. I feel the same way. What's SN on your HE90? Mine is SN #129. What do you think of the HE-90 vs. O2 vs. R10? When will your Supra XLR arrives? Yes, Tom. They are indeed come very close to perfection. Although the R10 might have better midrange and bigger soundstage, but on everything else the HE90 wins.
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