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  1. Lovely – smds on breadboard. Excited to see lt8365 on a similar board.
  2. Thanks for the suggestens. It turned out to be this… Two unsoldered pads inside amplifier to the right. The amplifier has been working all right for a couple of months, until now. Luckily, I noticed the two missing pads. No bad apple, just a poor soldering guy.
  3. By coincident I saw Jazz Piano Player Roberto Fonseca on Mezzo TV Montreal Jazz Festival something, playing solo piano. Thereafter I grabber a bottle of wine and found/enjoyed
  4. Not built today, This combo works realy good but this combo is not good. Where is the bad apple?
  5. Found this https://youtu.be/0kMh4r2Bkdc. Thank you!
  6. https://static.qobuz.com/goodies/47/000128674.pdf https://static.qobuz.com/goodies/21/000150312.pdf
  7. Happy Birthday, Birgir!
  8. I’m happy to hear you from you, @micon21 and I wish you and your country all the best in the fight with Mr. Putin. You will survive. In the end the good will defeat the evil.
  9. No, I haven’t noticed any issues over time. But they haven’t been used that much so I have no idea how they change at higher temperature over a longer period of time.
  10. I somehow managed to copy H and C from HeadCase logo and mill it on the plate. picture in B/W
  11. Have made a few test inscriptions on aluminum with CNC machine.
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