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  1. Most of this stuff could be classified under other genres, but would be considered rap or hip hop by most... alias prolyphic castheadwork a tribe called quest public enemy [i love Chuck D] tupac snoop dogg [really only the doggystyle album though] Not much of a list, but I love what is on it. Much of the rest of the music I listen to has elements of rap in it. When I think about the music that I really love, it stems primarily from jazz, dub/reggae and rap/hip hop. I don't understand how someone can completely discount rap. It is most definitely music and some of it is really good.
  2. philodox

    Perfect songs.

    Some good songs here and some that I'll need to be checking out. I'm just going to keep listing songs as I hear them rather than trying to remember a list all at once, but with that said... ulrich schnauss - goodbye
  3. Hey all, Sold my pair of QP 85's to Dusty Chalk and the foam on the earpieces is deteriorating. Anyone on here have any experience with them or any of the other MB Quart float style headphones? Any ideas how to disassemble them or what the foam should be replaced with? Thanks in advance, Jay
  4. Ah, I saw that but didn't realize it was the LCD-1. What is the little thingy on top?
  5. Five pages and no pics. What. The. Fuck?
  6. philodox

    Perfect songs.

    I'm not a genesis fan, but I've been curious based on some peoples attachment to them here [postjack], so I'll definitely check that out. I recognize the name 'harmonium', but I'm not sure if I've heard that specific track. Will have to look it up.
  7. philodox

    Perfect songs.

    Now, Renato is going to think I am drunk... and he is somewhat correct, but I just had an epiphany of sorts and decided to start this thread. If there is already a similar thread on the go, I'm sorry, but I'm not searching for shit at this point. Just doing a little spring cleaning and spinning some vinyl and I was struck by the perfect beauty of Stevie Wonder's 'Ordinary Pain'. Any other songs that you think are perfect?
  8. Very tempted... maybe if I sell my RS-1's, but that's a big maybe. Nice to see you the other day Rhydon, we need to do that again sometime soon.
  9. A shoe tree and a 6 of 'propeller extra special bitter'. Beer's not bad; shoe tree was a pain in the ass to put together.
  10. Oh man, she's building amps now? And Jamie bought one? What the fuck is the world coming to.
  11. I'll be setting up something, but to steal Ryans line, I've got no better date than soon. Bunch of shit happening over the next couple months and crazy busy at work. Going to sit down with my girlfriend and figure things out... if there is a free weekend, I'll get things rolling on this. Otherwise, it might have to wait a bit unfortunately.
  12. Very nice! [i think you should ditch the buttons though]
  13. beethoven - symphonie nr.7 [berliner philharmoniker - herbert von karajan] frederic chopin - 4 impromptus * 4 ballades [tamas vasary, piano] bach: violinkonzerte in a-moll und e-dur [solist: david oistrach] / bach: konzert fur zwei violinen in d-moll [solisten: igor und david oistrach] jean sibelius & antonin dvorak - violinkonzerte * violin concertos [berliner philharmoniker - shlomo mintz & james levine] All on vinyl and Deutsche Grammophon. Also got "the world of joan sutherland" on london, which I'm listening to right now and a 3 disc vinyl box set for Rachel: verdi - un ballo in maschera Picked them all up at a sidewalk sale near my place for $16 CDN total. Everything but the Joan Sutherland is in perfect condition, and even it is pretty good with its occasional crackle and pop. Someone is also selling a Canon A-1 with a 50mm lens and camera bag for $50. I have a friend coming down to check out the camera and if it is good I might just buy it. Good day for deals its seems.
  14. Thanks guys. I'll check out that other thread.
  15. Thought I'd dust off an old thread... Been giving 9.04 a try for the last little while and it is pretty nice. Loving how far the package managers have come. It is so nice to just search for what you need and have the dependencies calculated, app downloaded and installed in no time. Running it dual boot with Windows XP for a couple games that don't play well with Wine. About to install Windows 7 and Arch Linux for a change. Keeping myself busy by geeking out on software so that I don't spend money I don't have on hardware.
  16. Happy (belated) Birthday Buddy!
  17. LOL... There is some truth to that, but mostly I've just been really busy in life and at work. Since I work with computers, when I get home they are the last thing that I want to see.
  18. Scare tactics never work, but thanks for the offer. I actually lived with heavy smokers when I was young and hated it as well. I guess I'm just less intelligent than you.
  19. Happy Birthday buddy!!! [also, a blanket happy b-day to anyone I missed on my hiatus]
  20. Marlboro Reds currently. Got a carton at duty free on my way back from Manhattan. The idea is that once these are gone I'm done, but we'll see. Reading Allen Carr's book in hopes that it will give me the extra push I need.
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