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  1. Cool, I'll have to give it a try now that the server side has been updated. Thanks for that.
  2. Happy Belated Birthday Nate!
  3. Holy Fuck, when I read the subject I thought you were talking about Bowie. That's a relief. Still, RIP to one of the Monkees.
  4. Happy Belated Birthday Dan!
  5. Have a great birthday buddy!
  6. I have this chair at work as well and love it... wish I had something so nice at home, but am currently using some kit chair from Canadian Tire that I built. Not bad for the $100 sale price, but that's not saying much of course.
  7. Best review ever, didn't even need sound at work. Nice work Tyll!
  8. Uh, I like headphones? Finished painting my place the weekend before last and have my audio rig in a more prominent place in the appartment now... your wood has been getting lots of compliments. (all the way from texas too, quite a feat )
  9. Happy belated birthday buddy!
  10. Ah, a headphone subwoofer... an interesting idea.
  11. Happy Belated Birthday!
  12. I've heard pretty much every headphone released by Sennheiser prior to the HD800 with all sorts of equipment both at my home and at meets, and while I love the HE90 and HE60, most of the others are not my cup of tea. That said, they are very comfortable, and as such I've recommended their headphones to friends in the past who are looking for TV/computer headphones for movies and video games. I'm definately not a fan of their new styling, but I'll give the HD700 and HD800 an honest listen when I get the opportunity. Didn't have access to the forums at work for a while and have been crazy busy for the last two years. How have you been? Where are you living now? I'm still using the K340 as my main headphone, but picked up a pair of K271's for the subway and recently got a pair of Symphones Magnums that I'm slowly falling in love with. EDIT: AKG is making $1300 canalphones now? Oh, the humanity!
  13. I haven't heard the HD800's, so I can't weigh in there. I suppose it's possible they got their act together, they did produce the HE90's after all. As for not liking the new aesthetic, that is obviously a personal opinion. I wasn't in love with their old look, but it was at least more palatable to me that this weird cyborg alien design they seem to be married to currently.
  14. QFT, I don't understand why anyone would buy their headphones period, unless it is for a comfy pair to watch movies with or perhaps one of their noise cancelling pairs if you need that. Also, when did the headphone design guy from Sony start working at Sennheiser?
  15. Happy Belated Birthday Buddy! Agreed, although I didn't really make much of 30 either to be honest.
  16. Happy Belated Birthday Buddy! I got a chance to hear that amp when we were testing out the magnums, and it is quite nice. That knob is a bit much though.
  17. No code, Romeo y Julietta Churchills with some nice bourbon at a place called 'Coconuts' in Coco Beach.
  18. A very belated thanks for the birthday wishes everyone! Was testing out the new Symphones Magnums [excellent!] with some of the boys in Toronto the other day and looser101 gave me shit for not noticing this thread. Thanks Renato. I'm not making any promises, as I've broken them before, but I might be on here more often now as it seems I can access the forum from work now and I have tapatalk on my phone. My birthday was excellent. KLPG, er Rachel, took me to Costa Rica for the week of my birthday. What an amazing experience. I now understand where the inspiration for Avatar came from, along with Endor and elven forests. Caught a 28lb 'jack fish' in the ocean and learned how to smoke cigars from a pro. I'll definately be going back.
  19. La Fin Du Monde by Unibroue. My favourite strong ale available at the LCBO. Also, my first drink in 2 weeks thanks to being on antibiotics.
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