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  1. This. Duties bite me in the ass real hard and all I can do legally is to turn the other cheek. Or buy from Lake People, Musical Fidelity and such...
  2. If he's a reasonably strong guy then he might pull off more pascals than a petite girl.
  3. Not to de-rail the thread much- has there been any reaction from Fostex concerning Smeggy or other modders? I heard that they were in the RMAF this year so they must know something. Regarding the LCD-2 craze. It was a lucky coincidence of many factors- price point, looks, the legend, reviews and the idea that it doesn't need insane amping to shine. To be honest the hype caught me bigtime as well. Now for the darkish headphone to complement my SR80i I might be looking in the Sennheiser ranks. HD600 and HD650 seems like a good deal and seem to scale well with better with upgrades throughout t
  4. Yea, as I said, drinking in Iceland is not too wallet friendly. Tax politics are used to decrease alcohol consumption and I can't say that the choice of rums is really good. But Bacardi/Cpt. Morgan/Old Captain are okayish when mixed with coke and lime, though I immensely prefer Havana Club for that. And I didn't came here to get drunk! I came here drink from the chalice of wisdom, but it mixes very good with wines unfortunately.
  5. Crap, I'm drinking a Cuba Libre with dark Bacardi (the only thing it is good for) and it has a strange iodine aftertaste. Got to switch to the spiced/golden Captain Morgan. Btw, has any of you guys tried the soapstone cubes for cooling drinks? Do they alter the taste in any way? I might get some of those for Christmas to my friends.
  6. Optics wise I don't see any faults on the 50mm f/1.8D, if you can get a good deal, then go for it. With fast kids you might need the AF-S though.
  7. Don't forget that these dudes also have pretty large fingers. I'm 6''1' and at first it was pretty hard for me to type on the vertical orientation keyboard.
  8. It seems that the Stax mafia in Reykjavik is controlling the booze market. Thou shall not have any other addiction but uncolored sound and lightning fast transients. One liter of rum has a price of Grado SR60i.
  9. Finally.... Cuba libre from crappy Captain Morgan rum and smoked flounder. A worthy end to my two month no rum period.
  10. They instructed us thoroughly before we set foot in that hangar. We had to leave all watches, mobile phones, jewelry, credit cards outside. Though I must admit that standing there in that magnetic field felt kinda funny. I wonder what are the long term health effects when working in such environment.
  11. I went to a trip to an aluminium smelter. We got inside in one of the hangars and one of the guides handed out steel paper clips. I took one and as I clutched it I felt that it feels a bit odd. Then i opened my palm... Turns out that they are using the electrolysis method and the production line is giving out such magnetic field that it kept all the clips standing aslant. Keep in mind that this was a good 5 meters from the machinery. If I'm not mistaken then one of these lines use about 1.5GW and the whole plant uses about 20% of all Icelandic electric power. The presentation was in Icela
  12. Hmm, not sure if that rings true for NEX-7. It's the first camera that has made me to think about switching from D300 to Sony. But as I said- I don't see many lenses that appeal to me.
  13. I don't think that sensor size is the culprit here, history shows that there have been numerous pancake lenses for the 35mm framesize. Also non-retrofocus wide angle lenses for rangefinders tend to be extremely short. A list of some pancakes- http://www.beanos.com/~tsoutij/wp/stuff/index-of-pancake-lenses
  14. http://www.uesp.net/wiki/Oblivion:Roleplaying
  15. To me it seems that while the NEX-7 is a very well designed camera the achilles heel of the whole system is the lack of good compact lenses. Take for example the olympus pancakes, why can't Sony/Zeiss come up with something similar? Most of the NEX system lens designs seem to be just copies from SLR lenses with a ring to compensate for the lack of mirror box. That's lazy design, if you ask me. There are dozens of old rangefinder lens designs that could be improved with modern technology and implemented in the NEX system. If I would buy a NEX the first thing I'll be looking for are non-retrofoc
  16. Too much on rails. Also hitmanvision seems a terrible addition, previously on easy you had a map with all the characters, but you had to figure out the patrol routes yourself. Too much unjustified and unnecessary death, the point blank shot takedown seems stupid if you are about take someones clothes. I hope that this was a training level of some sort- that should explain the linearity. All that is left to clean up is the retarded unhitman logics of gameplay. Otherwise it'll be Batman meets Conviction.
  17. You also might consider the P2V2. Comes with a lithium cell and a charger for the given price. Design and form factor might be a turnoff.
  18. Even if the LCD-3 costs a kilo more? I'd be content with my r2, after all they are in different weight categories. Now only we need to see if LOTUS membranes justify the price difference. And the question of reliability.
  19. What's the only headphone you would take with you on a desert island...
  20. Seems that Audeze got wiser. Still despite the price LCD-2 sold like hot pie.
  21. Also- Starts shipping 11-11-11 Price - $1945.00
  22. Now they just need to give a pair to WarriorAnt so history can repeat itself. Also I'm not sure if I like the new look.
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