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  1. I think that Thor is a common name in Iceland. The guy who fed me this: was also called Thor, 2 meters tall with long blonde hair! Great work on the faceplate, Birgir!
  2. *Switching information output to: ass* I would not like to judge a book by its cover... But take a look at that soldering: I don't know about the whole DAC husbandry at Audio GD, but that Ref 7.1 seems like a pretty flagshippy product. Call me conservative but if that kind of soldering can go through the QC of a high-end DAC... Let's just say that it would make me to think twice about getting something from these guys. *Reset information output to default. Audiophile databanks: inaccessible*
  3. RudeWolf


    Well, refurbs seem to go for 220$, so it's not a bad deal. At that price point not much that can beat them performance wise.
  4. RudeWolf


    Same here, the current price is 259.99$.
  5. Now I will plague you with pleads of setting up an audition until the 21st of December when my plane leaves to Latvia. Brace yourself!
  6. Phew, today was the last lecture day in this semester. Now only a 10 page 48h exam and 3X10 page projects... Oh, happy day! Happy Thanksgiving to whom it may concern.
  7. Maybe that's a rating for 300Ohms, but yeah- Burson has really ascetic specs page. Don't know about the HA-160DS, but I remember HA-160/160D putting about a watt in 32Ohms. And reports are that it plays well with orthos.
  8. The thing that really makes cringe is that there is no proper EQ on that phone so you could iron out the Beats Audio "enhancements." If you turn off Beats Audio then you are punished by HTC "enhancements" - "Unfortunately you can't listen music without something "enhancing" your songs. If you don't use the Beats Audio, you'll find the HTC preset really awful. So, you either listen music with Beats Audio and headset combo, or you don’t." I really hate this way of doing business- not only that distorts the market by not letting the consumer to properly listen to other products, it also treats them like retards with the "doctor knows best" paternalism.
  9. Of course! I mean- just look at them!
  10. There was something about Beats Audio on InnerFidelity in the post about the Beats joining forces with HTC- No metal parts in headphone jack eliminates ground noise; re-routed wiring and separate headphone amp reduces cross-talk. "Souped-up" headphone amp increases dynamic range and separation. Audio components isolated on an "audio island" free from interference. I don't know if anyone has actually taken apart any of these laptops to look at the "island" or made any RMAA tests. GSM Arena did a review on one of those Beats HTC Sensation XE and the objective benchmarks did not show anything too impressive that my Samsung Wave could not do. Oh- and Beats Audio on HTC supposedly only work with beats headphones. Seems that Beats Audio isn't much more than a V shaped EQ seting that is always on and a fashion statement.
  11. This is so sad. Last time when something like that happened in Latvia the minister of internal affairs resigned. The media chewed him up for the fucking fun of it.
  12. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=OoJb35OeHQA&feature=related Str8 from the street yo.
  13. ^^ My face when playing IL-2 Sturmovik. Getting a good (cockpit, engine) shot from 30m while you and your opponent are moving at 300mph- this is the only face that describes that feeling, regardless of gender.
  14. Finally- a cloud break! Though I'm not sure if InnerFidelity is a site for audiophiles, more like for people who value an informed opinion.
  15. More like a power supply that doesn't need plugging in, ever.
  16. That white toilet paper doesn't go too well with the brown zebra wood. But I think that there's a mod for that.
  17. Bah, hydrogen peroxide isn't that poisonous- I've seen it being used to induce vomiting. Also not sure if it can be stored in concentrations high enough to kill someone.
  18. I don't know then, maybe it's the refresh rate then or something... And e-ink has the battery life advantage.
  19. Same here- I need to read a lot of stuff and LCD's are really rough on my eyes. And when I'll decide to sear my eyes out, I might opt for a Samsung tablet with one of those HD AMOLED screens.
  20. When shooting my D300 on VIVID in bright conditions I always dial in -0.7EV compensation, if too dark I can always rescue the shadows. I think that little overexposure on some conditions is always plaguing Nikon.
  21. Any idea what's with all the Zanas coming up for sale at the other forum? Funding for the Super 7, I guess...
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