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  1. I want something a tiny bit tamer than the Grado and portability for me is getting more and more important. I tried the HD-25 a few weeks ago and it seemed okay, there wasn't much in the soundstage department, but I could live with that with the Grado. The only thing that surprised me was the size, I thought it to be bigger! In any case when I'll be putting my stationary rig together I'll get something else. And for 125$ resale losses should not hurt that bad. After all I'm getting a full package with boxes, papers and such. P.S. The kind looking man with the Hawaii shirt said on youtube
  2. Just pulled the trigger on a mintish HD-25-II for 125$. The SR80i is having it's last days on my head. Now the waiting game has begun, the Senn should be here after a week or so.
  3. Riga, Latvia. 1/2 Latvian, 1/4 Russian and 1/4 Latgallic, bloodwise.
  4. I promised you some more pics from the land of the ice and snow- so here it goes. My first night in Iceland was spent in Keflavik which is south to Reykjavik. It used to have a good fishing industry but now things seem a bit depressing. After that I got picked up and we drove to Munadarnes which seems to be on the north-west of Iceland. There I spent ten marvelous days of studying and hot-tubbing. We went to some field trips as well. ^ Old soviet optics for the win. Then I moved to Reykjavik and got to know that some organization of acoustical variety has a s
  5. There seem to be a few good DAC designs for DIY. But they often require precision soldering, chips for example. You might look into Sigma from AMB and others from Twisted Pear. Other than that, there's HRT and CEntrance to name some. I'm sure that others may be able to add some more or eliminate the ones I just wrote about.
  6. The Legend from 6mmons review: "For the last 20 years we have been manufacturing electrostatic transducers and related electronics. We also design transducers and systems for non-destructive ultrasonic investigations. Based on this background we subsequently attempted to design a DAC which would not be based on the regular AKM, Burr Brown, TI, Crystal and Wolfson chips which are ubiquitous in consumer audio. Instead we wanted an ultra high-speed part such as you'd find in industrial applications. After many years of experimentation we finally identified an extremely fast chip that's useable
  7. Heck, when I'm hung over I just medicate with what made me ill. The tricky part is knowing the right dosage. Speaking of those banana packs, this is often practiced in Latvia as well. Pay about 30$ and get hooked up on an IV for an hour. One of my former bosses has a wife who works at the rehab center for alcoholics and he often used that stuff. Though I'm not sure about how that stuff affects you on the long run. Just makes you drink more until your liver goes to paste.
  8. Alright, I'd give it a shot... Can you suggest some of those songs? Might pop a rum for this evening and give a listen.
  9. I think that I agree with deepak here. I'm all for prog, but more often than not it loses soul and becomes just a show of technique. I'm all in for a cool drum/guitar/etc. solo, but that is just the seasoning for me. It the soul that is meat and bones.
  10. Please don't do the ad hominem. Would it be right to have sex with children if Osama, Brevik, Gaddafi or any other of the modern prime evils would say that it's wrong? My personal view of reviewer ethics is that if it's bad, send it back. But still that's just a compromise.
  11. Finally! Something relevant to my interests.
  12. I suppose it is. But I come from a land of far away where the cheapskate is crowned king and audiophilia (any hobby for that matter) is considered to be transitionary phase to other, more dangerous philiae. And therefore a decent individual of the society should revert to music listening only when he is commuting to work or watching a TV show that includes singing and therefore is imbued with positive emotions/socially acceptable values. Back to the topic- a reviewish text on the PS500 http://headfonics.com/2011/10/grado-ps-500-the-ps-series-gets-affordable-but-is-it-any-good/
  13. Lower end Grados do it for me. I was more concerned how the fabled HP1000 performs in context of other phones at that price point. Because I see Grado as a fun colored can but the HP1000 is said to be of the neutral sort.
  14. One guy at the other forum just got a pair for 1850$. Do they actually perform accordingly to the price?
  15. Aren't the HD650 bigger? He, he.
  16. D'oh. Less reading, more socializing for me, it seems.
  17. I've never done a serious test. Most of the time I score between 100-115, depending on how lazy I feel at that moment. But don't feel bad about your IQ, man- many people think that if you don't score high then you're condemned for life. IQ can and will change throughout your life, you weren't born with that number, therefore if you want it higher then just work on it. And don't forget that there's also the EQ- emotional intelligence was recently all the rage among the staff departments.
  18. Currently avoiding. But my essay is more than a week overdue. And more than five years I've been avoiding dear Edmund by reading only secondary literature. But alas, he has finally caught me in Reykjavik. The fun part tho will be doing a phenomenological analysis of various modes of music listening. Just five pages away...
  19. Ramsey disappointed me as well. From all my study group none (even the vegetarian ladies) had any problems in handling their Hákarl or anything from the þorramatur for that matter. The only food I had trouble with the liver sausage because organ meats trigger my gag reflex quite easily. But I find that straining my abs keeps me from gagging.
  20. One more question. You're watching a stage play. A banquet is in progress. The guests are enjoying an appetizer of raw oysters. The entree consists of boiled dog....
  21. I think that some local shops carry them. I tried mine in a hotel restaurant together with various other Icelandic "goodies." Though I'm not sure if locals very often eat all the putrid foods. From what I've heard these meats were eaten at the end of the winter when there was nothing else left and the Icelandic "bon appetit" literally translates as "may this do good for you" as in "I hope you don't get sick from this stuff". Maybe I'm mistaken though and I'm sure that Birgir will correct me.
  22. I tried the black death after eating some putrid shark. That fish tasted like herring mixed with ammonia and old socks, seemed like a good snack with strong drinks, maybe even wine. But the Black Death is overrated. I've drank absinthe in many ways, hell I've even tried eau de Cologne in my wilder days but the Black Death tasted like average schnapps with a nice caraway flavor. A girly respite after the horrors of the putrid shark, it wasn't black and it sure wasn't deadly. I'd happily try some more of that sharky. Better than putrid ram's testicles, that's for sure.
  23. I agree to that, I for one will be fighting with a soldering iron in my hand. Though I'd rather have the tax money stay in the manufacturers country so it can promote the manufacturer I'm buying from. Not the country that could not provide me with the goods I'm after. And yeah, in this case with Iceland, I don't think that duties are really applicable. Maybe guys just saved the customs some paperwork.
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