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  1. They instructed us thoroughly before we set foot in that hangar. We had to leave all watches, mobile phones, jewelry, credit cards outside. Though I must admit that standing there in that magnetic field felt kinda funny. I wonder what are the long term health effects when working in such environment.
  2. I went to a trip to an aluminium smelter. We got inside in one of the hangars and one of the guides handed out steel paper clips. I took one and as I clutched it I felt that it feels a bit odd. Then i opened my palm... Turns out that they are using the electrolysis method and the production line is giving out such magnetic field that it kept all the clips standing aslant. Keep in mind that this was a good 5 meters from the machinery. If I'm not mistaken then one of these lines use about 1.5GW and the whole plant uses about 20% of all Icelandic electric power. The presentation was in Icelandic so I might have got the facts wrong. Seems that many companies are doing such presentations for free to promote their product. I have heard that aluminum industry in Iceland is a bit frowned upon by the locals, so it seems that they are trying to convince the populace. Otherwise I have no idea why philosophy, linguistics and film making students should be invited to an aluminum factory. The refreshments that followed were really good, wine, beer and various sandwiches and pastries.
  3. Hmm, not sure if that rings true for NEX-7. It's the first camera that has made me to think about switching from D300 to Sony. But as I said- I don't see many lenses that appeal to me.
  4. I don't think that sensor size is the culprit here, history shows that there have been numerous pancake lenses for the 35mm framesize. Also non-retrofocus wide angle lenses for rangefinders tend to be extremely short. A list of some pancakes- http://www.beanos.com/~tsoutij/wp/stuff/index-of-pancake-lenses
  5. http://www.uesp.net/wiki/Oblivion:Roleplaying
  6. To me it seems that while the NEX-7 is a very well designed camera the achilles heel of the whole system is the lack of good compact lenses. Take for example the olympus pancakes, why can't Sony/Zeiss come up with something similar? Most of the NEX system lens designs seem to be just copies from SLR lenses with a ring to compensate for the lack of mirror box. That's lazy design, if you ask me. There are dozens of old rangefinder lens designs that could be improved with modern technology and implemented in the NEX system. If I would buy a NEX the first thing I'll be looking for are non-retrofocal wides and ultrawides. There are 12mm and 15mm Heliars, but operating with them is far from hassle free.
  7. Too much on rails. Also hitmanvision seems a terrible addition, previously on easy you had a map with all the characters, but you had to figure out the patrol routes yourself. Too much unjustified and unnecessary death, the point blank shot takedown seems stupid if you are about take someones clothes. I hope that this was a training level of some sort- that should explain the linearity. All that is left to clean up is the retarded unhitman logics of gameplay. Otherwise it'll be Batman meets Conviction.
  8. You also might consider the P2V2. Comes with a lithium cell and a charger for the given price. Design and form factor might be a turnoff.
  9. Even if the LCD-3 costs a kilo more? I'd be content with my r2, after all they are in different weight categories. Now only we need to see if LOTUS membranes justify the price difference. And the question of reliability.
  10. What's the only headphone you would take with you on a desert island...
  11. Seems that Audeze got wiser. Still despite the price LCD-2 sold like hot pie.
  12. Also- Starts shipping 11-11-11 Price - $1945.00
  13. Now they just need to give a pair to WarriorAnt so history can repeat itself. Also I'm not sure if I like the new look.
  14. Pictorials for your viewing pleasure.
  15. RudeWolf

    Audeze LCD-2

    Yay, for cheaper rev. 2!
  16. RudeWolf

    Battlefield 3

    One thing that bothers me in the BF and other games is the reduced explosive damage radius of some weapons. I think they should try to emulate the dynamics of explosions indoors, so that when something explodes in a narrow corridor the field of the blast extends both directions. Not just the same globe around the point of detonation. Also I don't see much fragmentation from grenades. They should implement defensive grenades that employ additional fragmentation with a longer but more random kill radius. And yeah, I know that in essence it's just a game with different tools of playing masked behind loosely modeled real world weapons. P.S. They also should let you upgrade the flashlight so that you could engage a strobing mode to confuse enemies. And induce some epileptic seizures...
  17. RudeWolf

    Battlefield 3

    IMO the only thing where BF was inferior to COD is gunplay but now it seems a lot better. At least I see that they are putting some sweat in it. And don't get me started on the single player, COD2 was the game where my satisfaction with killing the opposition took a serious plunge. First of all- no single enemy really present a serious threat and second- the health regen. Gone are the days of Half-life low health creeping around and avoiding any damage. The gaming industry is afraid to challenge- both in the way of difficulty and in storytelling. All in fear that someone might not get past a certain area or even not buy the damn disc. When was the last time you could not finish a modern game?
  18. Someone might say that Stax SR-404LE outmeasures the SR-507. Seen them at similar prices at the HF. Now to audition some...
  19. More like- "Kонечно, ёб' твою!"
  20. Well, those aren't from the land of Birgir (the trees should be a dead giveaway), those are from my home country- Latvia and the dry dock is from Finland (from the Sea Fortress). But Icelandic pics should follow shortly, haven't got myself to sort them out.
  21. The Bad Plus - For All I Care. Some of the best jazz renditions of good songs. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=sX_Iij8Eyts
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