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  1. Head-Fi appears to be down for me. Can anyone else reach it?
  2. So did I. It actually makes more sense that way.
  3. Nice. Do you know when this particular pair was made? I'm curious by what people mean when they say "vintage" RS-1s. The wackypedia entry for Grado Labs lists most of their models, but has no manufacturing dates. I started a thread on That Other Place about dates of manufacture and number produced of Senn and Stax stats (mostly courtesy of one obsessive Icelandic fellow.) I'd love similar info on Grado's dynamics.
  4. Interesting. /me downloads. Personally, I think the whole mashup idea is about five years past its expiration date, but I do hear occasional rework that transcends what is otherwise (IMVJO) a novelty genre.
  5. GG fans if you have not seen 32 Short Films about Glenn Gould, I highly recommend it. I saw it back in the 90s on laserdisc. I wish I still had that copy. My LD player is very underused these days.
  6. Wow. Just wow. That is possibly the best post I've read on h-c.
  7. This joker sells Quail power cords for $30 ea. (his "regular price" is a joke.) They are $4-7 (with a few $15 exceptions) straight from the company. Minimum purchase is $50. They seem to prefer to sell to companies, and not individuals, but that wasn't an issue in my case.
  8. This sounds like it was written by Sony's marketing department. It didn't "catch on" because it was an easy expense to cut. It's pretty clear that major electronics manufacturers, operating under pressure from the MAFIAA, view consumers with condescension and scorn. This is why players can't ouput DVD-A and SACD content digitally, and why the HDMI spec is such a complete abortion. Speaking of, how hard would it have been to add word clock to HDMI? Yes. Very. The upper end of professional audio recording (Neve, etc) makes home audio look like a relative bargain. I have occasionally
  9. This problem was solved in the world of pro audio more than 20 years ago. It's called "word clock." Why consumer gear lacks it, I'll never know. Probably so high end audio shops can sell $3000 digital interconnects. 0_o
  10. Others may have already explained this, but "Sorry about your thin skin" is the head-case version head-fi's "Sorry about your walllet" greeting. In short, head-fi.org is a cult of people who encourage each other to spend ludicrous sums of money on headphone gear. Head-case.org is a cult of people who sometimes engage in merciless flaming and encouraging you to spend your money wisely. In spite of the occasional outbreak of cretinous behavior, the lack of censorship around here leads to a more free flow of ideas and much less bullshit. In my relatively short time on head-case, I have observed a
  11. Toslink is indeed rubbish, but digital audio over USB is often superior to coaxial. USB and FireWire eliminate most of the jitter issues that Toslink, SP/DIF, and AES/EBU have (without a additional wordclock connection, that is.)
  12. Somebody save this guy. Anyone who flies an airplane should be concerned about fires.
  13. For years, my sig on That Other Place was a list of my gear, with links to pictures. A month ago, I changed it to "Team fuglyphones. Team boat anchor." in honor of the TakeT's arrival. With the recent resurrection of the 'Fi, it's gone back to my old one. My sig here does not mention gear.
  14. I concur. Especially when modded with Beyer pads (which are available from B&H.)
  15. On most boards I delete PMs after I receive them. If it's important, I save it locally. Just because you're paranoid, doesn't mean they're not out to get you. :tinfoilhat:
  16. Other possible criteria: You have to phone at least two friends if you wish to move them. They they let you pursue the fun hobby of coin fusing. Your space heater has been a dust collector since you got them. The lights dim when you turn them on ...four houses down. You need a snake hook the wrangle the power cord. The binding posts are bigger than your garden hose spigot. Additionally, if they double as boat anchors ...for the Queen Mary 2.
  17. Crikey, that's one ferocious looking beast. [The amp, that is. The cat looks rather sedate in that shot.]
  18. WIN. Last B-Stock 880s they have. It is indeed a day to be thankful.
  19. What drives me nuts about DLPs is the RGB strobing when you turn your head. I find this to be particularly bad with front projection, but it's certainly noticeable with rear projection as well. Caveat: I have not gone TV shopping in about 6 months, it maybe that there are newer models where this is less of an issue.
  20. This shot is particularly good. Nice use of natural light. Being the retentive photographer that I am, I'd crop out that little strip of blue on the right. I find it kind of distracting. Those cans are the "Highly Furry Ones?"
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