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  1. 1) Analyze the circuit. 2) Replace opamps with your choice, as it fits the circuit. 3) Replace power caps with low ESR caps (Panasonic FM, OSCON, etc.) with high ripple rejection. This can stabilize the power rails. You may even want to increase the capacitance...as long as it's a power rail cap and not one for an HPF or LPF. 4) Bypass caps in audio path that you think may have an effect with film caps. Other mods are more intensive and should only be done if you think the device is worth it. Bypassing is a simple soldering exercise. You don't need to worry too much about stray inductance and capacitance from long leads, you're looking for a sonic change. If you hear a change and you think it's worth more effort you can look into replacing the bypass with boutique caps.
  2. I'm starting to notice bands looking similar these days. The pictured headbands look more like Ultrasone to me.
  3. Everyone always suggests MS-1. I can't argue with it, though. You could also hint and say you'd like to return the favor by buying her some shoes, a purse, etc., see what she tosses out (cheap like coach or haute couture) and go from there.
  4. As long as the DAC isn't outputting DC or the amp isn't DC coupled, it'll be safe. If not, your headphones will fry very quickly. Most DAC chips output about 2.5V DC. If the output isn't DC blocked and the amp doesn't block DC on input, 2.5V x amp gain at full volume == fried voice coils.
  5. If this is going on the DAC end, watch the DC offset coming from the DAC. I don't know anything about the Mini-DAC and how it's wired internally, but most DAC chips that output balanced carry a significant amount of DC on each hot (+) and cold (-) which is cancelled out when combined.
  6. Hobbies...with 4 kids. Damn! You need an applause.
  7. I wasn't referring to the head-fi sponsorship, I got that point when it was made.
  8. Why should it matter if it's deleted or not? Jude doesn't want the references, what's there to bitch about? If you really want head-case to be bigger, sponser portal search links. When I research a headphone I google search first, FWIW, to check out current prices as well as availability and any impressions.
  9. Hmm, now that it's mentioned, yes, I noticed the shallowness of the cups. My ear tips just touch and wiggling around a bit can sometimes annoy. Are there thicker pads available? Something of the depth of a typical Beyer would be great.
  10. I run a 2TB NAS based on FreeNAS and 8 320GB drives in a RAID 50 configuration. I built this a long while ago when 320GB drives weren't that cheap. You can probably build an array around 750GB drives for the price of what I paid for the 320GB drives.
  11. Impedence is only one factor. Sensitivity is what matters as it's the combination of voltage, current, and impedence that drives the measured dB for sensitivity. Take that, double it for margin and measurement BS, and you'll find that it's really not much power necessary at all. According to Ety, 108 dB SPL for a 0.79 V input, (90 dB @ 0.1 V; 100 dB @ 1mW). Any opamp with a resonable voltage supply will be more than enough for IEMs. Problems may arise from not enough voltage (1 AA/AAA battery for instance) and circuitry in the way, as well as the opamps used for the 1.2V swing in some portables. A CMoy has none of these restrictions and with a 9V NiMH battery and the AD8599, you'll look at gobs of hours of runtime for the field (over 60 hours easy). For the ER4P it is the following 108 dB SPL for a 0.2 V input (102 dB @ 0.1 V; 106 dB @ 1mW)
  12. A plain old cmoy is more than adequate for the Etys or a PA2V2. IEMs don't really need power at all and you can probably power it from your gear directly, though it wouldn't hurt for more gain if necessary. You're talking fractions of volts and tens of milliamps of current. For about 100dB on the Ety ER4s you're looking at about .9Vp-p max and about 9mA. The Mini3 would be a waste of power on that headphone, if you're using it in the field as it consumes about 25mA just being on. The high performance version will consume more power than it is putting out, but the extended performance version may suit you better at about 20hrs of battery life. Given your headphone preference now, a more power conscious amp would be better advised. A CMoy based on an AD8599 @ 9V would better suit you. You can probably contract a builder to make you one, or if you're reasonable at soldering make your own.
  13. Probably your pad mod is breaking in to your head, changing the sound from subtle position shifts. Get an amp for the K340.
  14. Mini3 is the way to go. K271 are efficient and low Z. There are also other builders for the Mini3. http://www.amb.org/audio/mini3/ . Scroll to the bottom for the list of 3, just to be fair to the others.
  15. What is meant by "honky"? I guess it could be, if it's meant as a midrange emphasis. It's strength is in the mids to upper-mids and rolls off nicely for the highs. It sounded a bit lifeless when I first got it, as I tend to prefer a fuller sound, but there was enough there to make me spend the time to re-cable them. There's a definite shock that requires re-acclimation when you switch between headphones, even switching amongst my bright headphones but definitely between fuller sounding headphones to 271. Re-cabling with a 24awg starquad is a noticeable benefit to the lower mids, and a second reason is to get rid of the long, and thin stock cord that makes it's way under seat rollers constantly.
  16. The K271 is not like the K81DJ. It's a much leaner presentation and brighter by nature (nowhere near as much bass). A recable helps to some extent, but it's still no comparison. Bass boost would help, if that's what you want, but you might be better off looking for something else.
  17. That's the one headphone I absolutely hate. It's one of the worst sounding headphones I've ever heard in my life. I like bright headphones (Beyer DT660, AKG K271) but that's got a spike that'll melt your ears off. As grawk said, I was being an asshat with my post and didn't actually expect a suggestion as I'm not really in the market for $100 headphones.
  18. Word of mouth. I was told about it a few months back, after discussing amps, bans, etc. with a fellow head-fier. I lurked on and off for a few months but didn't register till the HF outage.
  19. I dunno. Vince Vaughn has to be pretty cool. Jennifer Anniston...2 million cool points there.
  20. So, what is jazz? Aside from Billie Holiday. And what's so close about jazz and punk? I listen to some punk, albeit pop punk like Lagwagon. I'm more into death and black metal, which does have a montonic vocal representation. Name me some that's like punk and I'll go buy some today. I'm on vacation with an arm length list of honey-dos, and a really pissy mood because of it. I'd rather go peruse Rasputin now.
  21. Yeah. Sorry. I'm really not into jazz, I find it mostly boring and I can't get beyond that to even listen to vocal performances. It triggers me into a narcoleptic session and I can't define anything in that genre as being great...because I just can't listen to it.
  22. It's the ballet shoes and the "on pointe"....with a trapeze. Hmm, that might work wonders in the bedroom actually.
  23. Sorry, I've never heard her performances, so that reference went right over my head. Listening to it again (killing me gently), it's not the lack of range, it's the manufactured feel of the performance, the false repeatable vocal breaks, for instance, the lack of feeling. But, hey, if it works for you, more power to you.
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