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  1. Gah! I knew it! Well, rock on, mah brutha!
  2. Who is that masked man? And why is he not wearing headphones?
  3. Amazing, Nate. I washed my truck today - temperatures in Seattle will be 50 to 60 for at least a week.
  4. crappyy, I have an inlaw who has been a police officer for years. He says much of the same thing about his job: so many people who get arrested for doing stupid stuff go to the station, get processed, spend a few hours in jail, then get released...only to end up back there within the next 24 hours. It's an endless cycle. You start to wonder whether what you're doing is really helping or not, but that's just how people are. You can try to help, or turn dark. You seem to be concerned, and that's a good thing. Remember that you have been lucky enough to have a brain and an upbringing that lets you see that what these people are doing is going nowhere. They are not smart enough to see it. Honestly, if it gets to you too much, move to a different practice. The only person you ever really need to please is you.
  5. Well, you're not as bad as me.... happy Birthday, Grahame. Hope it was a great one.
  6. AT 8pm I'll be at the Triple Door in Seattle for a Curtis Salgado show. Friend with the flu surrendered some 2nd row seats. I felt obligated to help him feel better by taking the offer.
  7. This implies that there is nothing higher than 24/192. (Oh wait, that's marketing. That's what it's supposed to do.) So DSD is probably a lie, then. Ok.
  8. You can say that again. Happy Birthday, Knucks, and thanks for all the image fun on Head Case. I appreciate and enjoy it!
  9. Opened my birthday bottle of Suntory Hibiki 12 last night. Yeah, I like this.
  10. Thanks, guys! I had an interesting day. Spent the afternoon in a record store, grabbed some Italian dinner, then headed home to listen to the latest tunes. A nice, relaxing end to a relaxing day.
  11. Thanks, guys. Much appreciated! Here's to more soldering, more drinking, and more music in 2015.
  12. Happy Birthday, fellow 12/31'er. Have a great day!
  13. Happy Birthday. Hope you had a great day!
  14. Darwin soundtrack, by Michael Brook. Free download from his website. Movie preview
  15. Sounds like you had a great day. Cool! Happy Birthday!
  16. One day at a time, Larry. I know there is a lot to consider, but you can only do one day at a time. If that turns out to be overwhelming, go to one hour at a time. That's all that can be expected. I know you are trying to get all these things in "pre fetch" in your brain so you can choose the best way to make sure they all come out right. And the pain meds will certainly keep you from getting too far. But pick one or two for now, then maybe write down some brainstorm ideas so that next time you are clear headed you can pick up where you were earlier. We're all behind you.
  17. Good point. For me, those two are very close. Maybe Peterson just a tick more. Vocal: Billie. Her phrasing was amazing. For male vocals, I'm too picky after having having done a lot of singing in college. I think my vote would be Jimmy Scott. Bass: Jaco. He could play every line in a song - lead, rhythm, bass. For traditional jazz, probably more Ray Brown. Guitar: Pat Metheny. What I like in particular is that he never settles. The remakes of some of his older tunes with Anne Marie Jopek are magic. Sax: Yikes. So many. Probably Coltrane. Edit: I'll add in David Sanborn as well.
  18. Awesome. Thanks! Listening to 8.19 now. Not what I expected at all. Cool stuff.
  19. Also - somewhere...somewhere (i thought it was here) someone mentioned a download of The Yes Album which was mixed by some person who made a clean and really cool version of it. Sure, I searched the forum for the word Yes, and got back like a million posts. Anyway, if anyone knows where this is, I would sure love to go get it. Thanks!
  20. Happy Birthday, fellow Capricorn!
  21. If anyone has missed the free (mostly) 24/192 downloads from Linn, all 24 days worth are available as a single download today. 4G of free hires music. Dusty - where? thx!
  22. OMG. lol I have JazzRadio.com on today at work. Currently, What Child is This? (Greensleeves) is on. Like those two titles would ever appear with something different. I mean, would you ever see "What Child is This (Silver Bells)" or "Winter Wonderland (Greensleeves)"?
  23. So the I-70 (probably near) where you were, Larry, was just closed due to ice and snowpack. Wish they would have done that last week. I-70 closed from Goodland to Limon, Colorado
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