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  1. I'm a happy camper... headinclouds FTW.... HS
  2. That smacks of wickedness....I'm jealous. KGST should land shortly as it's now in TX and I'll see what she brings. HS
  3. That's a good size for those with space challenges. I'm not too bothered about height but the lateral dimensions I need to manage. Cheers. HS
  4. Very neat design. What size footprint do you figure on the box, realistically? HS
  5. Sadly that's not the only thread with a lot of the issues described. There's been some fairly useful tests as well proving it's not a bandwidth on the user's side issue. I love the idea of a streaming higher res service. Once they work through the issues, it will be great. I figure a model whereby they charge more and they can't deliver is not sustainable for long... HS
  6. El amplificador te salio super bien, Jose. Felicidades! Saludos, Sam
  7. I love the idea of 4070's. Heavy and lack of adjustability kept me from buying a pair that sold local recently. They were in stunning shape. HS
  8. That's going to leave a mark.... HS
  9. Damn that looks nice! I can't wait to get my hands on mine. HS
  10. Bienvenido Fernando. Saludos, Sam
  11. ChrisX, I can only share my experience with the Koss ESP-950's I purchased directly from Koss during one of their sales late last year. They arrived in great shape and were perfect. Very plasticky...LOL, but no issues whatsoever with either the leather carrier, the cables (both those on cans and the extension), or the E90 amp. By the look of it, yours got beat up in transit, perhaps before they even left the seller. I expect you could bend the headband, but I would be extremely careful if you want to do so given the plastic that holds the cups. Perhaps remove the cups first and then you can try to adjust if you elect to go that route. Best of luck. HS
  12. I did read the opening email and lurked as directed. Gently waded in when I needed a bit of technical help and was greeted kindly. Have been enjoying the posts and the forum as it reminds me of a niche muscle car forum I belong to. Sorry I missed the Cuban sandwich title. I don't always get it right....move too fast sometimes. Just got excited seeing Cuban food as it's my heritage. I'll step out of the thread as I seem to have irritated the natives. My bad. Sam
  13. Didn't realize I needed to explain myself, but I obviously missed the opening line. Did I piss in your cheerios? Sam
  14. Those pics were making me hungry but the Cuban with the black beans in the background put me over the top. I guess there's more to Sliddel than I would have guessed. HS
  15. Hell, they're dropping one in San Antone even. I don't know if they feel the H-town market is too tough a nut to crack or they want to wet their bills in the smaller Tejas markets first. Fortunately, we have an excessive number of eateries here so at least we're not completely hard up... HS
  16. They haven't braved Houston yet....FUBAR. We're sluts for burgers. ....err, wait. HS
  17. This has been an interesting exchange. I checked my Beresford Caiman MkII and it puts out 2.0Vrms so I think I'll be in a better place with my KGST. HS
  18. Well, that left a mark. Ready to blow shit up.... I elected not to finish up the heat shrink given the high level of confidence I have in my skizzels... Big shout out to ALL that chimed in to save me from misef' and actually braved sending me stuff. HS
  19. All I can offer is the sound changes markedly by cupping the ESP-950's with your hands....and not in a good way. If that is all they have done, then a big no. I'd like to think there is more to them than that. I had read about these for the medical industry, but had not seen them. I have the awful picture in my head of the slap of a rubber glove on the wrist as scary doctor approaches... HS
  20. Thanks, np. I'll definitely heatshrink the hell out of that bad boy. The soldering this weekend will be the Triple Lindy attempt... HS
  21. HemiSam

    F O R M A T

    LMAO....I was clearly behind the times. Next you'll tell me my '72 Honda CB550 comes in an automatic.... HS
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