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  1. The best day of my life was the first day of my daughter's life. Happy Father's Day to all the Dad's on Head-Case.
  2. Tour dates are up... Already bought tickets to the Oct show in Durham... I saw her there shortly after her last album dropped... so excited. She's one of those artists that just speaks to me in ways I'll never really get. If she and Ani Difranco did a show together I'm fairly certain my head would 'slpode.
  3. Had a great day with Abi... parks, park with friends, and errands. You know you're getting out there enough when your kid comes home and climbs into their bed on their own for a nap without prompting. Boo yeah.
  4. New album means new tour.... can't wait to see her again. This made my day!
  5. Ralph Towner and Paolo Fresu - Chiaroscuro
  6. A Perfect Circle - Thirteenth Step "Clever got me this far, then tricky got me in."
  7. Me too. My brother does some day and weekend hiking and swears by REI. If you're a member you can get special pricing on pack rentals. That way you get to try things out before buying. I've been meaning to do it, but have not had time for an overnight hike yet. I've got a nice discontinued Timbuk2 day pack that works well for short hikes.
  8. Happy birthday Shelly!!!
  9. Been working on setting up the new place... gotta get the office/workshop/guest room in order. So far it's just been the dumping ground for everything I don't want to deal with.
  10. Thanks to you both. Worry not Nate. I'm actually looking forward to the break. It's a lot of work. I'm happy to have it mind you, but a break would be nice. Next weekend will be filled with fun stuff... Friends on friday night and some fun plans for the rest of the weekend.
  11. Spent the day with my daughter. Target for errands, she helped pic out our new bath mat. Then to Whole Foods to have lunch with her mother. That went well. Then back home and met our next door neighbor. She's a curator for the NC botanical gardens, so that cool. We met her two dogs as well. Overall a great day. She's with her mother next weekend and I think I'll be building a little water play table for the back porch since its warm enough for that sort of thing now. Single parenting is tiring but overall I'm getting everything done. Abi rolls with the punches well too. I forgot to get something for dinner and she was fine with us popping out to the store to get it. No complaints. Great kid.
  12. Glen Hansard - Rhythm and Repose A little sad bastard music for this overcast day.
  13. Congrats on the job Lloyd Me, I moved into my new house today. Moving sucks, but I love setting things up. I think my daughter is really going to like her new room.
  14. Catching up on Dave's Lounge. It's good when I can't seem to settle on anything else. http://www.daveslounge.com/2013/02/15/daves-lounge-253/
  15. thrice


    Happy Birthday Al!
  16. Happy belated birthday Fitz!
  17. I stayed well below 200 through most of college... in 2000 I hit 200 and vowed to not move higher.... 12 years later I was at 260. I've been losing weight since May 2012... I was down to 215 and now I'm back at 230. It's slowly going down again. I can safely lose about 2 pounds a week right now with the following steps: 1) Walk a lot. I walk at least 2 hours a day right now. 2) Eat better. We actually eat fairly well since we try to feed our daughter well. 3) Eat less. I don't always eat poorly, but I can pack it in. I'm never full. I've had nights where I eat a good full dinner, then go to hang out with a friend and knock back some pizza. For me, there's some sort of emotional connection with food and depression. I'm working on it. I hope to get back down to 200ish and start running again. I do have a knee that's not optimal so I'm waiting to get back down and I've got an appointment to see a doc about the knee. I actually like exercising and moving around. I miss being able to wear whatever I damn well please. I also know that I'll appreciate my body more at say 180 when I get there than I did when I was there before. I'm tired of feeling and looking this way. The past 8 months have been stressful, but losing the weight and walking has helped tremendously. If it's making me feel better through a separation/divorce, then I can't imagine what it will feel like when I'm doing even better. I'm starting to look into Bento meals for lunch, that's my danger meal: http://justbento.com/ For me, I try not to think about weight loss as a goal. I try to think about living a healthy lifestyle. When I approach it from that perspective, all choices, not just those surrounding food, become clearer.
  18. I'm off to a hike with the local hiking group I've joined. Should be a nice 2 hours.
  19. We haven't had cable for about 4 years. We just use Netflix streaming and iTunes. It's worked so far. I like waiting for a whole season of a show so I can watch at my own pace. I also do not care at all about sports, so that makes it easy.
  20. Happy belated birthday Naaman. : -{)
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