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  1. Couple more things. The Utopia is correctly called by Tyll a "bright" headphone in that it is not veiled like the 007 and if you're gonna listen to ear-piercing music, you may have issues. (Relax birgir, I still like the 007 with the T2). I still ned to switch over to my stax stuff to see how it holds up but I doubt I would let go of the T2 and 009, SR-O, 007 even if I thought the Utopia was better in some ways. There is a cool trade up program on the Elear, you can trade it in and get $850 towards a Utopia, not sure the time frame and I think it's only going to be through the dealer I used. On this dealer, The Source A/V in Torrance, CA, you get a 5 year warranty from him, not the same elsewhere. First four years are a straight replacement and the last is repair. This made the tax and full price bearable for me. He mentioned the drivers are floating or something so the warranty is a good idea.
  2. Meets are a bad place to judge. I was at a mini meet at a dealers place yesterday and first listened to the Utopia on some Questyle stuff and would not have bought them after that listen. Nothing special. Then the dealer set me up in a private room where I had my L-2 hooked up to a $15K MSB spinner and some Kimber balanced cable. I listened to the Utopia, Elear and my HD800s. There was no contest between the HD800 and the Utopia or the Elear I would say, except with soundstage. The HD800 just sounded thin. I said first that the HD800 may get kicked to the curb, not that it was on par. I like different sounds so may keep them. After the session I walked away with a Utopia and an Elear (for my friend who was with me and builds my amps). Listening at home confirmed what I heard at the shop. I had previously bought other phones like LCD-2, HE-6 looking for the missing bass in the top end stuff. Those had other issues either being veiled or muddy. The Utopia has all the bass and none of the downsides. Sorry Al & Wayne, you're gonna need a pair of these (:
  3. Ok, definitely, by a lot. Better? The Elear is crazy good too.
  4. Ok, so these are the real deal. HD800 is probably kicked to the curb. These are very different from the HD800 in all good ways. I read somewhere a guy saying that if you have a tuned HD800 (whatever that means) the Utopia is not necessary. Total nonsense. Initial reaction is that these are playing on another level. The bass seems to be like nothing I've heard before and along with that bass is incredible detail which is tonally incredible. Chain is Yggdrasil > L-2 > Utopia This is the first headphone that I could probably live with alone and I've never really thought that about anything, including R10s, HE90, SR-O, 009, etc. Maybe that'll wear off, only had them for a few hours but it's doubtful. And they're not even burned in (:
  5. I had HC set as my chrome startup page but when I changed that today I stopped getting logged out. Maybe a coincidence, we'll see.
  6. I really like bodhi leaf. I drive down there and get all my greens when they have these weekly sales.
  7. I got mine finally after a long customs wait (got them from Meier). They sound very nice, only listened a little. They are very similar to the original, maybe more weight in the mids and low end. Not sure yet if I will keep the original...
  8. Cool, I'll give you a good deal...will let you know after i get the 800S
  9. If the HD800S is great (ordered one), I may sell my HD800, interested? If they are significantly different, I may keep both. I love the hD800.
  10. Now, now spritzer, be nice. No need for the douchey tone. Steve is an excellent DIY builder and don't worry, we won't step on your business. (and Steve does have two operating T2s under his belt) Of course, we will make the suggested improvements (except the cap thing), thank you. Always room for improvement (:
  11. I'm at 17ma right now. But, we will be going up to 450v when the caps arrive. Sounds really good, especially with the SR-Omega. It's not at the T2 level, IMO, but close.
  12. I was actually making that comment as relating to the 007 which I was using yesterday
  13. Yes, I will say it wasn't an annoying brightness, just something I was not used to hearing. Maybe I will try again.
  14. Dropped the current back down to 15ma on mine (had to put the 182ohm resistor back). The highs seemed a bit too intense at 20ma, seems better now. The drop may have impacted the soundstage some, making it more compact. I am really interested to see what others think/discover. I may try going back up a little more.
  15. Definitely sounds like the resistor issue, use Xicons...
  16. If anyone is interested, I'm thinking about selling my T2, but I would like to do that locally (Los Angeles) and preferably to someone who is a DIYer. I will consider shipping it if the right person comes forward...
  17. This is a great upgrade, thanks. On the New Content page in the default theme, the Marke site as read option is right on the bar which is very convenient. Could this be the same in the Spectrum theme?
  18. Paid, you probably want people to include their HC name somewhere in the Paypal notes?
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