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  1. The Mac-Mini is also limited to 16GB RAM also. That is a huge monkey in the wrench for me. If you are in need or want of higher RAM they are still selling Intel based Mac-Minis with up to 64GB RAM. I think the highlight for me was the MacBook Air, which hasn't interested me in a while.
  2. RIP Alex Trebek And I will take Fuck Cancer for $200.
  3. The Mophie looks perfect for my needs. Ordered one since I had a couple of Apple gift cards laying about . Thanks Tyler.
  4. I am not especially fond of red headphones, but I find these really stunning. Excellent job.
  5. RIP to the original James Bond of my youth
  6. Condolences on your loss Fitz. R.I.P. Matilda
  7. Having wrestled an SSD into a 2012 Mac mini I would concur that the $60 is worth every penny.
  8. That should work fine for the RA Opus 21. I have tried the free version of Volumio and it works pretty well. I assume you are not going to use Roon because then I would suggest Roopieee with a USB to SPDIF converter. I do feel like I need to take a shower after going to that site and reading that article
  9. Just finished upgrading my last Mac, that could be upgraded, to Catalina. Just in time to not upgrade to Big Sur.
  10. I will keep an eye on the web site to see if they ever implement wi-fi connectivity. Ethernet-only is a non-starter for me.
  11. RIP Gale, Dan B., Helen and Mac. 2020 just keeps on giving, Fuck.
  12. Pretty lackluster actual birthday day. Taught my genetics lecture at 8:15, Intro. Research Stats. at 9:45, Zoom office hour 11:00, Research Stats. Lab at noon then stupid paperwork shit until I left work 4:00. Rested for about a half hour at home and then took Peter to soccer practice. The birthday weekend was pretty good. On Friday our new family room couch was delivered and on Saturday, the garage refrigerator was delivered. So all in all a pretty good birthday, and as Al pointed out, much better than the alternative. Thanks for all the good wishes.
  13. BJ's made everything so annoying and difficult we slowly stopped going. In reality, they really did not have that much we wanted to purchase there and for the things we did purchase, the prices were not particularly awesome. I'm probably ready to give Costco a try but I don't think Karen is ready.
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