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  1. ^^Nice. Actually owned an AU-717 and a TU-717 back in the day. The cassette deck I had was a Rotel, but I cannot remember the model number.
  2. I really liked Grant on Mythbusters RIP
  3. The first two look interesting and they both use ESS Sabre chips so I know I like that sound (if properly utilized). The Schiit does not do DSD (as far as I can tell) which makes it non comparable since I am looking at affordable DACs that do native DSD. Here is the Mytek on the iFi rack
  4. Just because a manufacturer labels something a flagship does not make it better than a previous flagship. But you wouldn’t know that since you are simply a troll.
  5. Well the Pro-Ject Pre Box S2 Digital may just be the bargain DAC of the day. I certainly think it may be the least expensive DAC that uses two ESS9038Q2M Sabre DACs. This gives you a good idea how small it is. That is a 7inch touchscreen.
  6. Happy Birthday, Jose!
  7. Was able to sneak in the REL subwoofer with nobody noticing. Not that hard as it is remarkably compact.
  8. Very nice Steve. You should definitely send pictures of the finished unit to Parasound.
  9. Happy Birthday, Greg!
  10. I used to make my own power cables also, but the reason had nothing to do with the sound. It was to have them exactly the length I needed. Now I have a whole box of different length power cords that does come in handy.
  11. The question is, did you have one of these?
  12. I remember listening to the vinyl recordings my parents had of the 2000 year old man comedy bit
  13. Thanks for the update Bryan Just pulled the trigger on a Clearance REL T/7i from AA (Audio Advisor).
  14. How did I not know about Jonell Mosser or this homage to Townes van Zandt? Followed by Which, IMO, is their best album and has one of the best, if not the best, opening track of any album.
  15. Obviously not married.
  16. Or you could look at it as 2 of 2 (100% or in H-C terminology, fucking all) have been long term. Statistics do not come into play here at all for the very reason you state. But assuming this will be different when they have way more control than they did previously, seems more of an error in logic, not statistics. Or I could have just drunk too much.
  17. None? That's why I was confused by Mr. Chalk's comment.
  18. I think the ARM processors are less likely to cause problems compared to the switch from PowerPC to Intel processors. I think they have a bit of experience in both hardware and software using ARM processors, they are dedicated to their machines and they control the manufacturing.
  19. Well this was the first Apple event that described revolutionary rather than evolutionary changes since they switched to Intel based architecture, IMHO. I was probably most excited about the virtualizations, but I am weird that way. My next personal Apple Mac will be one using the ARM chips. The only machine that I have that runs Catalina is my Mac mini that runs my audio streaming. It has run perfectly but it came that way. I will be updating my spare laptop in the next couple of weeks, so we will see how that runs. Kind of nice having a spare system to experiment with.
  20. Yeah, we did not have anything that large. 1 12 footer and 2 10 footers. The 12 footer weighs about 75 pounds so we used to put it on the bottom but it is now on the top since both the ladder and SUP are used more. Works fine but I’m not sure I would want to wrestle the Hobie onto the top rack. It is actually a floor standing rack since we had very little wall space open with all of the cabinets in the garage.
  21. We used a Malone FS Rack to store our three kayaks and it worked fine. We currently only have one kayak and a SUP so I also store a folding ladder on it. Takes up a bit of room but works pretty well.
  22. I did not realize you were running Roon on a NAS. I tried that earlier and that was what gave me my initial shitty opinion of Roon. I now run Roon Server on a dedicated Mac mini. Even though it does not have the dedicated, unbloated Roon OS, it has run perfectly for me. It is a fairly capable Mac and it is usually the only thing running on there, I really don't even run the "remote" app on there. If I am going to have a computer appliance that costs more than a couple of hundred dollars I would prefer it to be more than a single-use device. So until this starts having problems I am p
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