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  1. Just a generic clip-on desk light from The Evil Empire. I did not realize when I purchased it that it is touch sensitive to turn on and cycle through the brightness settings, which is really handy. I modified it to be able to work with my slab platform as the clip that it has does not open wide enough (Joke setup was unintended).
  2. Seems to work OK. Still need to tweak it a bit. But not bad for a first run through.
  3. That is exactly what I was going to post.
  4. In order to take my mind off of SARS-COV2 I analyzed 50 years of radiocesium body burdens from over 40000 white-tailed deer from the SRS. It worked.
  5. He called her "Lovey". Not sure about her muffy. And RIP Dawn. Add another Mary Ann fan.
  6. Markertek has them. Also in non-right angle plugs.
  7. So Karen and Peter finally received their shirts and medals for virtually running the St. Judes (Half) Marathon. Again, a big thank you to everyone who donated.
  8. Make that three. Never any problems with either the planar or shop-vac.
  9. THIS is the recipe my son and I used when we made Beef Wellington last year. I would suggest another set of hands unless you are Gordon Ramsey class in the kitchen.
  10. My Makita track saw has a simple little anti-tip device when doing bevel cuts that works pretty well. Certainly works well enough for me.
  11. You may want to try a miter saw, just sayin’.
  12. Just finished putting this together as a nice little base for my turntable. I think the turntable likes it.
  13. I decided to wait after I saw they were set to arrive March 23.
  14. Yep, that is pretty much what we had today and will have for the weekend.
  15. Exactly correct. I would just rather use my time futzing around listening to music, rather than futzing around getting ready to listen to music.
  16. I think I will stick to my somewhat less expensive Netgear switches. I’ll just have to learn to live without the air guitars and air batons.
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