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  1. The only reason we have not bought anything from Costco in the past was because we have never lived anywhere where we had even relatively easy access to Costco. Now we have reasonable access but we decided not too become store members after we were disillusioned by our membership at BJs Wholesale Club.
  2. It makes things a bit easier on my aged eyes and it really doesn't make it much harder to conceal (at least for me, but I am not a twig). Pretty simple, reliable and quality construction. Some people criticize it for not being metal (steel) but I like the reduced weight of it in its current incarnation. @GrahameThat is a really old towel that has been relegated to shop/garage duty. But I can say with certainty that it was not bought at Costco since I cannot recollect buying anything at Costco, ever. NTTIAWWT.
  3. RIP RBG Nothing to add except FUCK 2020 and FUCK McConnell
  4. Finished getting the headphone system reorganized. Pretty sure I am not adding anything new for a while.
  5. Those must be really small drivers.
  6. Yes, especially in Florida, as it is not significantly cooler.
  7. Excellent! And congratulations on your color matching prowess.
  8. RIP Mae Condolences to her family.
  9. Sorry, cannot Dew eet ... Because I already did it.
  10. So have any of my Mytek brethren experimented with external linear power supplies for their Brooklyn Bridges or DAC+s? I was thinking of trying out an Sbooster BOTW P&P ECO MKII power supply.
  11. Or as I constantly tell my genetics students, both nature and nurture.
  12. Oh. So you are saying it is a Microsoft designed product?
  13. Nate is correct and I have experienced problems when using a source with a hot output. However, for me the balanced option has always been my choice because it well, gives you more options. If you have an amp/headphone combination that is being overdriven you can always switch to SE outputs because if a unit has balanced outputs/inputs then it will have SE but not necessarily the reverse. I also agree that modern R2R options may be the way to go as the vintage stuff does have that whole age thing going on which can make them more of a pain to maintain.The Denafrips that Sherwood linked to look
  14. RIP JTE and Chadwick. I am so sad and pissed at the same time.
  15. I agree with this also. In todays political environment you should be able to parse that with what I said above.
  16. First post Covid soccer tournament this weekend. It was his clubs tournament so the team could not say no. One game Friday, two yesterday (including a 1.5 hour rain/lightening delay so got home after 9 pm) and the championship game today. Peter plays left center back so he doesn’t get to score many goals but he has become their designated penalty kicker and scored two during the tournament. We nicknamed him “Vanilla Ice” because he is a very calm kicker and unlike Lionel Messi, he has never missed a penalty kick in a game. They ended up winning their division so now we just have to wait and se
  17. RIP Trini. I forgot he was in The Dirty Dozen. Great movie, I am going to rewatch it soon.
  18. I am going to try something new to get back into dynamic headphones. Rather than jumping headfirst into the shallow end of the pool, I am going to start out a bit more slowly. So my first trial of a “new” headphone (my current newest model headphone is an HD 650) will be a Focal Clear. Looking forward to it.
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