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  1. Pretty sure I actually have a pair around here somewhere.
  2. My HeadAmp GS-X arrived back from a check-up at its fathers shop. All hooked back up for listening with the Mytek as source. The only problem is what new headphones should I buy?
  3. You should build one with the 7” touchscreen display. It displays the album title, song title, artist name and album art when you are using it and displays the time and date when you are not (unless you disable it). No, sorry. Only USB 2 or 3 out.
  4. Yesterday I built two more Pootie Pies, one with a display and one without. So I now have four total. Using one of the display units in the bedroom with the SMSL stack and the other with the DAC Magic Plus on my desk. That gives me two headless units to use for testing purposes. If anyone wants to try one out, I can send it your way. All the units use RopieeeXL, so you do not even need Roon to use them as you can turn on DLNA, Airplay or Spotify to stream.
  5. I like the Parasound A23+ with the Moths. I briefly considered the A21+, but with these speakers even the lower powered amp is overkill for power output. I like the independent channel gain controls On the Parasound amps and it has been more useful than I initially thought. The ATC amp has more power than a single Parasound, but for the price of the ATC you could buy two Parasounds and run them in bridged mode @500W per channel. Seems like a good problem to have.
  6. Good Riddance to (very) Bad Rubbish.
  7. Yes, but it is not a RAAT endpoint like the Mytek. I want to try using one but I got rid of all mine. May have something in the works. Here are The Roon Endpoint Types Not me. Seems more expensive than using my Mac mini. I have no problem using a dedicated mini to run just the Roon Server.
  8. Thanks Bryan. That is pretty much what I came up with. Just trying to make sure I didn't miss something.
  9. So a question for the Focal mafia: Is there any difference, other than cosmetic, between the Clear and the Clear Pro? Asking for a friend.
  10. Happy Birthday, Dom HiWire!
  11. Since I could not visit Chicago this year I went on a Chicago music journey. 1.) 2.) 3.)
  12. morphsci


    I loved Watchmen, but is it that good or does everything else just suck?
  13. So I decided to explore the Topping and SMSL offerings. First of all they are not exactly comparable to the Project as neither has a built-in headphone output. To get that you need their separate matching Headphone unit. For the Topping that will set you back $170 (Total $420) and for the SMSL that will cost $190 (Total $440). I actually decided to try the two matching SMSL units as the DAC (SU-8) has balanced outputs and the headphone amp (SH-8) has balanced inputs and a 4-pin balanced headphone output, which to me is worth more than the additional $20. So here they are: Initial i
  14. Todd has a very good description of the system. I run Roon on a MacMini that was already serving music server duty and it is always on running the Roon core and indexing my library on a directly connected disk. I became interested in Roon when I bought the Mytek Brooklyn Bridge and was getting pissed off having to use three separate apps to listen to my local library, Tidal and Qobuz. Roon integrates all three under a common interface. It does not do Spotify, which can be a problem for some. The other thing it does is make the recording format (bit depth, frequency, PCM vs DSD) a non considera
  15. Happy Birthday, Antonio!
  16. I would focus on the software you want to use. The hardware is secondary. I was very antiRoon before the time of Covid. Once I actually learned how to use Roon I do not see myself going back to anything else. That makes my hardware choices simpler as it just has to work with Roon. It is not super expensive, about $120 year (or $699.99 lifetime), but not insignificant either. There are less expensive choices like J. River Media Center which I use at work and is fine for a one room system but it does offer more video support. I only wish I had listened to my own advice sooner so I did not waste
  17. The Pootie Pie is a streamer, but I am not sure how that would really differ from a wireless sound card. If you use Roopiee XL You are not restricted to Roon. You can use it any way you use an Airplay, DLNA or Spotify endpoint. So you basically hook it up to a DAC and push music to it using any DLNA or Airplay compliant app.
  18. Below is Marc's post about building a Roon endpoint. If you install Roopiee XL you will be able to stream using Airplay, DLNA and Spotify, in addition to Roon. It is really easy, even I was able to build two of them. Also known as a Pootie Pie.
  19. This also. We are focusing mostly on academics but even that is getting fucked up by the Covid (non)response.
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