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  1. Got a picture of Peter with a few of his Class of 2026 friends. He’s in the middle bottom of the C.
  2. It is a bit big to lug around but the screen is definitely fine to work on without an external monitor, unlike my 13” M1. I think this is the best MacBook I have ever used.
  3. Dropped Peter off at CSU on Monday.
  4. I will not be fully retired for about four years. The math is pretty transparent.
  5. Visited Killington Vt and their tribute to the Beatles (or Charles Manson)
  6. How did I miss this? Happy Birthday, Antonio!
  7. We had to let Isabella go yesterday. She was declining rapidly this last week so we took her to the vet to get a professional opinion on her condition. She had a good 12+ year run
  8. So, are Mountain Loins related to Mountain Lions?
  9. Sorry Dan, didn’t want to move it, so it was donated locally before we left Florida.
  10. I found these just now: https://www.safeandsoundhq.com/products/yamaha-rx-a2a-aventage-7-2-channel-av-receiver-with-8k-hdmi-and-musiccast-customer-return?currency=USD&variant=32324617797743&utm_medium=cpc&utm_source=google&utm_campaign=Google Shopping https://www.iq-av.com/product/yamaha-rx-a2a-black-aventage-72-channel-av-receiver-open-box-rx-a2abl-open-box-959962
  11. Happy Birthday, Spritzer!
  12. Waiting in the Burlington airport for my flight to Philly and then on to Daytona Beach. Yay, I love flying. At least its American and not United.
  13. A Belated Happy Birthday, Greg! Hope you drank some good (untainted) wine.
  14. Happy Birthday, Justin!
  15. Anybody have any experience with the Brydge Stone TB4?
  16. Congrat to both of you. Welcome to ‘Merika.
  17. Well I think we are already Vermonters as we went shopping in New Hampshire today.
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