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  1. Getting ready to move the rest of our stuff that was not sent up to Vermont to our beach house rental where we will be living for the next 2+ months until Peter finishes high school (and the renovation finishes on our Vermont abode). Stay tuned for more later today.
  2. I am pretty sure that the movie based on Flowers for Algernon is Charly, starring Cliff Robertson, which IMO is an outstanding movie adaptation of the short story/novel. I will definitely check out this new adaptation. Thanks.
  3. Happy Birthday, Doug!
  4. Second day of packing our U-pack-it truck. They dropped it off yesterday at about 2:00 pm EDT and as of 5:00 pm EDT today we have approximately 75% of the house packed up and 99% of the heavy, bulky shit. Now sitting down for an adult beverage.
  5. Very sorry for your losses Bryan.
  6. A Belated Happy Birthday Wish, Fitzy!
  7. My condolences for your loss, Todd.
  8. How about modifying something like THIS
  9. A Belated Happy Birthday, Craig!
  10. How did I miss this? A Belated Happy Birthday, Dan!
  11. Well actually yesterday, but we closed on the sale of our house. We are officially no longer home owners.
  12. A belated Happy Birthday Jeff!
  13. The best is the 007 Mk 2.718281828459045.. or 007 Mk e for short. It’s the most natural.
  14. A belated Happy Birthday, Gram!
  15. So, is it weird that I am looking forward to this?
  16. A belated Happy Birthday, Renato!
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