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  1. I think it was an autocorrect issue.
  2. No real dribbling yet, at least while I am eating/drinking. 🥸
  3. Wow, somehow I missed this. Thanks for the birthday wishes. Had to teach my two labs on Friday and then Karen took me out for dinner. That is a bigger deal than it sounds as she hates going out to dinner.
  4. Named after the unfortunately named Scottish naturalist Robert Dick who discovered it. Sometimes coincidences are really coincidental.
  5. Have the happiest of birthdays my tall friend.
  6. I think I am going to order one as a dedicated media/navigation device for the new(wish) Camry since I pretty much depend on CarPlay for that now. My only real complaint is I wish they would not have limited them to a max of 256 Gb.
  7. I think the best of the phones they just introduced is iPad mini.
  8. I cannot really disagree with the above but I always have trouble because I also like Steve Earle a lot since one of my favorite albums is Which I am listening to right now
  9. No worries I am almost always packing at least one knife. If that doesn’t work I’ll just breathe on them as I have many more years building up my alcohol tolerance.
  10. Finished college applications for Colorado State, Duke and UNC-Chapel Hill. Three down and at least three more to go.
  11. I can’t remember what I sent but I assume it was The Trinity Sessions; if not then that is number one followed by “The Caution Horses”, “Pale Sun, Crescent Moon”, “At The End of Paths Taken” and “Renmin Park”. That gives a nice slice from the late 80’s to the mid-teens.
  12. I actually find Roon both simplifying and more satisfying. Cannot see myself going back. I will actually buy a lifetime membership when this years subscription runs out. If i wait too much longer it won’t be worth it
  13. Refreshed my Senn PX-200 with new ear and headband pads.
  14. Dropped Peter off for his two-week Outward Bound trip, returned our shitty rental car and now sitting in the Delta lounge awaiting our flight to Atlanta which leaves in a little under 12 hours. I like this lounge because they let you mix your own cocktails. If Delta goes out of business next week, you will know why.
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