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  1. This may be the only good to come of this, Connery movie marathons.
  2. RIP Mr. Bond. https://www.bbc.com/news/entertainment-arts-13087132 What a fascinating life, and thank you for making mine so much the better.
  3. Yup, finished prepping for halloween.
  4. Literally thought of this the other night while strolling through the grocery store and seeing fake 'nog on the shelves. I need a new pitcher.
  5. Sorry for your loss, Fitz. Thanks for giving Matilda a great life.
  6. Thanks Todd, everything seems to working fine for me.
  7. ^^ Thanks. I've got more cleaning to do and then need to measure and do some layout but there's definitely something like this in my future.
  8. Remember that you have a friend that can cut fancy shapes in wood that would be painful if done by hand...
  9. I assume that's the 54" model? If so, I'll be curious to hear your thoughts on it. I've been in dire need of a bench for a while and started cleaning my shop in earnest this weekend to make space. I haven't had a proper shop since we started building the addition on the house in 2016. It sucks!
  10. n_maher


    This reminds me that I need new foamies for my 17 year old ER4Ps. Best audio purchase of all time.
  11. @mikeymad - let me know if you do go down the custom recable rabbit hole, I've got a closet half full of supplies like heat shrink and nylon multifilament (the good stuff, not the super microphonic techflex) of various sizes that might be able to save you some $ and hassle that I will never use. I looked to see if I had the right 3:1 or larger stuff the other night when I wrote my initial post and sadly, don't think I have anything that'd work for the repair. And FWIW my vote remains to keep them stock for as long as possible. I've never really found an aftermarket cable that I like as much
  12. 1. Measure the diameter of the plug at the end of the cable. 2. Purchase appropriate diameter 6:1 heat shrink - https://www.cableorganizer.com/heat-shrink/heat-shrink6.htm - bonus, this stuff is adhesive lined. 3. See if a 2" section will cover and reinforce what you need, including grabbing onto the cable split housing so the whole thing can act as a strain relief for the worn cable section. My guess is if you do something like that, for around $30 (assuming some shipping) you'd have a nearly stock looking setup that'll last a long time if not abused. If nothing else, i
  13. I do not think that Creme de anything represents a move up.
  14. It's nice having wireless charging again, considering that my Android phone had it 10 years ago. Granted, Apple has had it for a few years now to but being behind the upgrade curve as I am, my XS is the first wireless capable iPhone. The Apple battery case has already come in handy on a couple long days of calls at home too, that way I don't have to even think about plugging the phone it at all during the day.
  15. I get it on the headphones front. I haven't used a pair of their stock offerings for, well, forever (as in never). The kids use them as throw-away headphones when others break. I'm a full bluetooth convert for use with the phone.
  16. That'd be pretty hilarious if also accompanied by the rumored price increase.
  17. If adding features to the board might I suggest a fuse? Not sure if this is a one-off and not worth bothering, but sometimes a chassis just doesn't lend itself to the somewhat monstrous integrated IECs that have both voltage switching and fuse provisions. That's what made me think of it anyway.
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