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  1. So, back on topic, I decided to get back into DIY and actually build something. Parts Express Executive Bluetooth Speaker. The cabinet still needs finishing, but it works and sounds pretty darn decent.
  2. @Hopstretch - one assumes that you already know about Ms. Bridgers' new album? https://pitchfork.com/news/phoebe-bridgers-releases-new-album-punisher-listen/ Unlikely to be uplifting, but that's not always what the Dr. ordered.
  3. I think it's unrealistically low. 😭
  4. Nice! I still look occasionally for a "reasonable" ICE Power kit for a ~$200W/ch stereo amp for a friend that needs something small and portable. I haven't found one that doesn't bust the budget yet.
  5. Since when is necessary a measuring stick around here? I'll shoot you a message with the dimensions that I need and we can go from there.
  6. Just send me the 1.5TB of music. I'll downsample it all and send you back 128kbps files. No charge.
  7. Happy Birthday! Here's to hoping that the only flames today are the birthday candles and not the circuit boards.
  8. Shelly, I'm planning something similar, just likely out of wood to accent the grill. If I get the manufacturing time down I'll make you a cutting board for your Traeger. Al, That cutting board is gorgeous, well done!
  9. You inspired me to get off my ass and work on my first real mod for the Traeger, a magnetic cutting board to mount to the top of the pellet hopper. I used the Shapeoko to machine a pocket into the back side of the cutting board as well as to make the recesses for the magnets. Then used the laser engraver to etch Traeger's logo into the top. I'll probably make a fancier version at some point but this will do for now.
  10. Nicely done, Shelly! I'm still working thru brisket leftovers so breakfast was pretty fantastic this morning. Brisket, egg, and cheese on a grilled bagel.
  11. I gave up on 24 step attenuators a while ago, I always seemed to end up in situations where I wanted a step in between.
  12. ^^^ I've never needed such a thing. The fairy has aways treated each instance of infringement has homage, not insult.
  13. He provided the recipe so presumably he (pre)approved the infringement?
  14. Getting ready to reheat for dinner but early snacking is promising.
  15. The brisket finished crazy fast after I wrapped so clearly the cook times on the Traeger are going to be quite a bit different than the electric smoker. Not too concerned about it being done early, I'll just have to check the internal temp about an hour before dinner and reheat as needed. Felt super tender to the probe so here's to hoping I got this one right.
  16. Science begins at midnight tonight. 8-1/2 lbs, before trimming, a little over 6 after. It's mostly the flat with a little point left for making some burnt ends. Plan is to have it ready to pull off around noon so plenty of rest before dinner and no stress.
  17. This is the correct answer.
  18. Trying to make sure the next fire is bigger?
  19. n_maher

    Get your game on!

    Same, also signed up to overpay for them a little bit. It felt unjust not to.
  20. Nothing so dramatic. Local dealer offered 10% off plus a free cover so I bit the bullet. Am having a few issues getting Wifi setup but I think it's part user error and part signal strength so I'm hopeful I can get it sorted tomorrow. Ran out of time to fiddle today but did get it seasoned so it's ready to reuse regardless.
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