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  1. Happy birthday to you, Jimmy!
  2. Will this keep them from immediately falling out of my ears when I try to talk, chew gum, yawn, etc?
  3. I'm with you Peter, my French Press game is like 4 steps. 1. pour coffee in. 2. pour water in. 3. stir like crazy. 4. press. Seems to make pretty damn good coffee with minimal sludge assuming I don't f it up w/ the wrong grind or let it brew for like 10 minutes.
  4. I'm so sorry for your loss, Steve. Life can be downright brutal at times. And fuck cancer.
  5. Looks awesome to me. I mean you could add a logo of some kind if you come up with some artwork? I’m not 100% clear on where the required blue LED goes.
  6. This thread has been entirely too dormant. Got invited over to a friends for BBQ, couldn't go for various reasons. Decided to solve the problem myself. Unpictured, rack of ribs, pictured, 4lb pork butt. Cooked it to 180 internal before wrapping to try to get more bark/flavor and decided to try beer instead of apple juice this time in the wrap because, well, I was drinking.
  7. Last major training ride in the books this morning with one of my teammates. Set out to do 25-30, weather was so nice I ended up doing 46.
  8. Arcade Fire - WE I know I'm late to the party here, but there are parts of this that just hit the nail on the head.
  9. Legs will be feeling this for a bit. Notice the one minute and thirty seven second difference between moving and elapsed times. I did not stop other than for a dropped chain and at a few ride lights. I should have eaten more and needed more fluids but all in all, survivied ok and feel ready for the century in a couple weeks.
  10. Happy Birthday @postjack - don't be such a stranger.
  11. I wanted to post an update - largely thanks to you guy I have now met my fundraising goal. I rode to work yesterday despite the threat of severe thunderstorms in the afternoon (i don't melt) and while I got truly soaked on the way home it is still the best way to get too and from work. I hope to get out tomorrow for a good long ride to round off all of the base miles that i have put in this year but regardless, I'm feeling well prepared for a couple of weeks from now. Thanks again Head-Case. There really is no forum like ours.
  12. Thanks guys, now 96% of the way there! Bonus is there's a $50k match running this week so your impact has been doubled.
  13. WUHOO! Now 3/4’s of the way home, this place rocks.
  14. BuMpInG this up to the front to hopefully generate interest. With this group's help I've never failed to raise $2k, I'm just over half way there.
  15. I just started this last week. I love Gaiman’s writing and so far I’m liking the series a lot.
  16. Pineapple-mango salsa has been made for a party with friends later today. I could eat this stuff by the spoonful.
  17. Last night: Macklemore and Imagine Dragons with the kids at Fenway. Great show, good to see live music again.
  18. Just for Al, 3,000 mile barrier eclipsed this morning.
  19. I have to say that I'm thoroughly enjoying my 2019 16" Macbook Pro. The keyboard alone is a tremendous upgrade vs. the 2018 Air (which in itself is a great device). I'm going to end up using AppleCare+ to refurb the Air and then pass it on as for travel I can pretty much get by with the 11" iPad these days.
  20. Funny guy, funny guy… I’ll fix the post but no, riding a measly 100 miles that day. Hope to trip the 3,000 mile barrier tonight.
  21. Bah, this is HC, one thread is as good as another. My (state run) liquor store has the Flor 18 in stock for $39.99/750mL or maybe I should spring for something more in keeping with this place.
  22. At the equivalent of ~$30/lb (unless you buy 2lb, then it's $25/lb) that stuff is out of my league.
  23. Thanks Antonio and I fixed the link in the first post. Copy/paste user error fail, SNAFU.
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