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  1. Once again this year I'm prepping to ride a century in support of the Kelly Brush Foundation. Between indoor Zwifting, the MTBs, and the upgraded Canyon this spring I'm creeping up on 3,000 miles in preparation this year and will surpass that mark before the event. Once again this year it'll be an in-person ride up in VT, with friends mostly coming from near-by so we should have a strong crew of 8 with some riding the 50 and most doing the full 100 miles. For me this is the 11th century that I've done in support of either Northeast Passage or Kelly Brush and I'm looking forward to enjoying it and hoping that our trend of good weather continues. So the mission remains the same, I'm trying to raise a bunch of money again this year with a goal of $2,000. As usual, all of the donations are tax deductible and maybe some legislation will get passed this year to make that more meaningful but really, I'm hoping the motivation isn't just to get a write off. So for those that are interested, here's the link to my personal fund raising page - Nate's Fundraising Page. Any donation large or small is very much appreciated. A bit about KBF - they are a non-profit organization dedicated to assisting individuals with spinal cord injuries in finding ways to get out and enjoy an active lifestyle. For me, this is a cause close to my heart. I love the outdoors and the freedom to explore it in a variety of ways and have worked with organizations like the KBF for the last twenty years to help others do the same. Last year's group at the starting line. EDIT - Link fixed...
  2. ^^^ Hell yes, Al, I've been meaning to try to make something similar for years (basically a gyro) and just never seem to get there. Me: 11lb brisket went on at 7am. Expect the flat to be ready for dinner, burnt ends to be ready for all things leftovers by later this evening. I'm trying a somewhat modified rub based on recent "discoveries" by YouTubers that Texas has been lying saying that it only uses salt and pepper on brisket. Turns out (allegedly) most use some version of Lawry's Seasoned Salt so I added a bit of that this time to see if I notice any real difference.
  3. So much this. Good dog, Isabella.
  4. Happy Birthday, Tood! Here's to hoping you had a great day.
  5. Earlier - homemade waffle with mocha. There are worse starts to Saturdays.
  6. Generally speaking, no. Can't say why, since I put sugar in my coffee but even out of the French press (as close to pour over as I get) I prefer earthier beans. It's not to say that I can't enjoy the occasional fruity/sweet described coffee but they tend to be much more hit-or-miss and not often worth risking a pound of beans on.
  7. ^^ Looking forward to impressions, I still toy with the idea of picking a flat top up. Haven't gotten there yet.
  8. ^^ I've had very good luck and been very happy with the Yamaha in my HT rig for the last 5ish years (geez, has it really been that long???) but might suggest sticking with something from the Aventage portion of the lineup as they are supposed to be far more robustly built. That is what i did when I bought mine. Maybe this Shelly - https://usa.yamaha.com/products/audio_visual/av_receivers_amps/rx-a2a/index.html - or see if you can find a b-stock or lightly used prior year model online? I'll do some hunting on that front.
  9. n_maher

    Podcast Thread

    I just finally got around to starting this, it's quite good and definitely entertaining.
  10. Unfortunately, it's unlikely to be economically repairable or possible to remap another channel to the FL channel. I've looked at a few similar things and in my experience it's very difficult to find the problem unless there's literally a smoking gun (circuit board) and even then, it's just so unlikely that there are parts that are replaceable that are also serviceable.
  11. Condolences to you and your family, Chris.
  12. Happy 40th. Welcome to the decade of experiencing new aches and pains with no discernable cause.
  13. Decidedly 'merican dinner. Homemade 1/3lb burger, american and mozzarella cheese, bacon cooked on the Traeger, lettuce, tomato, pickle, avocado.
  14. Work crushed my ability to post yesterday, happy belated birthday, Greg!
  15. 1. Don't mess around with work holding. Either get it clamped right or do an adhesive method. You do not want to experience the carnage of a workpiece coming free. 2. Similar to #1, I fully support the pause until the machine is built right. It's kind of insane to be running it otherwise but maybe the missing bolts aren't in key places? (fingers crossed) 3. For anodized aluminum marking you should look at a laser. I saw the one you posted above but didn't watch the video. There are lots of them and used in conjunction with your CNC would likely but far better than an engraving bit in terms of speed and flexibility. The other thing to consider would be a diamond drag bit, but those are very slow. Some cool possibilities but mega machine time required. 4. My personal approach is to not push feeds and speeds. Just about any mistake/error with a CNC is catastrophic to either the material, tool, or worse. Why risk it to save minutes? It's not like you're trying to maximize a production rate in a shop. Attempt patience. Caveat - I lose mine all the time, YMMV, etc.
  16. A very happy birthday to you, Justin. May all your amps be equal parts over-complicated and profitable.
  17. Only immediate concern that I’d want to see some user impressions of is whether or not that unit tends to have a hot spot over the firebox. The diffuser is quite small in comparison to how Traeger does it (as well as others). The “Trap Door Drip Pan” might address this along with my secondary concern which would be that cleaning the Maverick would be a bitch if you don’t have something like a drip pan. The Traeger pan/liner setup is a godsend for easy maintenance in my experience. You’d get most of the way there with Mav’s drip pan and covering it with heavy-duty foil. Just adds ~$150 to the price of the grill which seems a bit shitty if I’m honest.
  18. I’d say that you and I have exactly the same lines of thinking about these two products and unfortunately it doesn’t seem like either has gotten a ton of reviews or long-term use reports. The Pit Boss has been out for a year it seems which makes that all the more worrisome. The LoCo’s seem new this year so less worried about that, but not a brand I’m familiar with. More deliberation required.
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