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  1. As always, thanks Todd. Please let us know if there's any way to contribute to the ongoing costs of keeping the lights on.
  2. As far as I know there is no way for users to do this, only Admin's have rights to manage attachments. I'll look into it a bit further but honestly, just get yourself some photo hosting space for cheap and don't pile stuff onto Todd's server. Something like https://pbase.com/pricing.html will run you $23 a year for 3000MB of storage.
  3. I have attempted faxing, but the grease clogs the machine every time. With the state of the USPS I don't think they'd do well cross country either. Sorry man.
  4. Another socially distant gathering with friends, another round of armadillo eggs.
  5. This. Wille the dog is currently sitting next to me on the couch. He and I will raise a toast in Mae's honor later this evening.
  6. Here's to hoping that the negotiations are successful. I think I'm out of the bike buying game for a while, unless I see a screaming deal on a SuperSix EVO Disc. Then I might do bad things...
  7. @luvdunhill - I think there are certain autodesk products that you can get an education (free) license for that would be useful for you. I'm spoiled and have access thru work so it's never really been a thing that I paid a whole lot of attention to. That said, I got your sketch and if time permits I'll try to turn it into a dxf tomorrow at work and see how the laser reacts to it. The challenge (for me) will be figuring out how to program the combined cutting/etching operations into a single program so that it does it all at once and there's no (or at least less) chance that centers get misali
  8. I'm pretty sure that I could do this for you on the Dremel Digilab that I have access to. Give me a dimensioned drawing of what you want and I might have some scrap plexy that we could try out first before. I should warn you, it might take me a while to get to it. I'm like Mikhail-levels of slow these days in getting projects. done. Speaking of project, COVID speaker project #2 is nearly complete.
  9. This whole discussion has made me realize that my slightly modified EAD DSP 1000 has been in storage for 5 years. Geez. I have a plan for it but at what point is a plan no longer valid? I'll update that research in 5 years or so I guess.
  10. I know this will be very un-HC of me, but balanced DAC's have generally been more trouble than they are worth for me, especially when used with a balanced amp. It really comes down to what headphones you are driving and how much voltage swing you need, how much gain your amp has, and what sort of attenuator you're working with. If you get a hot source, with a high gain amp (I know the GSX has a switch), and sensitive cans you may just drive yourself crazy (pun intended). So careful what you wish/ask for and best of luck in your search.
  11. Bumping this up - 2 weeks to go, 68% of the way to the fundraising goal. Remnants of Laura are rolling through today so it'll be an indoor training session.
  12. Tip for the future - in situations like that look to flip the larger component on the bottom of the board. As long as you are using standoffs that will allow for clearance to the chassis it ends up with less of a cramped situation and the potential for leads to get closer to things than you would like.
  13. The Guild of Round Hole Cutters is an inclusive and welcoming organization with a proud history of cutting mostly round holes.
  14. Note that I did not ask 2020 what was next.
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