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  1. In. Never hate asking for support, Mikey.
  2. Meant to post a pic of the whole cake, last Saturday made a snap decision last week to bake my dad a carrot cake for his birthday.
  3. Happy birthday, Doug. Here's to hoping the pets rescue you today.
  4. Got out early before the wind kicked up again. Hammered me a little on the way back, but not too badly.
  5. I decided that 20mph winds with gusts over 30 were no reason to stay inside.
  6. Not sure that's possible. It's already running carbon everything and full Dura Ace so maybe you could find 500g or so with different pedals, crank (ditch the power meter), and wheels plus going tubeless, but I doubt we could find the 1000g it'd take to challenge the UCI weight limit. i'll probably try to focus on the rider losing two pounds.
  7. Here she is, finished as of today courtesy of my LBS who did the final wiring and brake lines. As it sits, with pedals, cages, saddle, 17.3lbs. Of course we are now supposed to get snow tomorrow so it'll be a bit before I get it out for the maiden voyage. 🤬
  8. A very happy birthday to you, Al. Sorry to hear about the ear (punny, I know) but glad to know that you're on the mend and enjoying your day.
  9. Cheddar biscuits to go with crock pot chicken pot pie.
  10. I'm glad. It's coming together nicely.
  11. Just 2.0. It's a 2020 Roubaix S-Works Team - found it on FB marketplace with ~500mi on it (allegedly) and started stalking it more than 6 months ago. Picked it up for 1/3 MSRP and I can't find a mark on it and it came with a few minor extras. I also managed to source a very lightly used set of period correct Dura-Ace Di2 to equip it with and other than the battery holder and a few tiny pieces, I've got everything I need. That box arrives Monday and my shop should be finishing the build Thursday. I can't wait to ride it.
  12. @MexicanDragon - assume you approve of the new project?
  13. Was in the mid-40s and sunny today, took the bike off the trainer and decided to get the heck outside.
  14. ^^^ Congrat! As a rule, I don't generally like white cars. I like that white vehicle.
  15. Happy Birthday! Here's to hoping you got out for a nice walk.
  16. Agreed. However, Some Cakes Are Larger Than They Appear. It used 9" cake pans, so a little larger.
  17. Lily and I decided to revisit a cake recipe we made six years ago. Chocolate Coconut Cake (artistic photo by the teenager)
  18. Happy birthday, Naaman!
  19. A very happy birthday to you, Dan!
  20. AI might actually be useful. Happy birthday, Colin!
  21. A very happy birthday to you, Steve.
  22. One less nail to paint, Al. Serious note, sorry for the pain. I hate smashed fingers.
  23. Happy Birthday! Don't shoot your eye out.
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