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  1. I've been screwing around with the laser lately, mostly trying to figure out how to get the damn thing to cut and engrave. I'd had the engraving part sorted for a while and finally had a break though today with cutting. For the inaugural project I decided to do something that popped into my head while listening to RTJ the other day. It'll end up being a thank-you gift for the friend that introduced them to me back in the spring. Each of those is about 2-1/2" long and the source file was custom designed by me in CAD based off of the cover of RTJ4. It's mirrored 🤦‍♂️ because the alb
  2. I thought my comment was pretty benign, Gene. This isn't really a headphone forum. Most members have been here more than a decade, date back to the earliest days of Headwize, and are friends in real life, despite the thousands of miles, oceans, continents and everything else in between. Are we occasionally rude? Yes. Were we particularly rude here? No. If you'd read around a bit even just in this forum you'd have seen that the top 10 threads are so are either Stax related or about boutique niche headphones. So no, you posting a review of your new AKG K240s was unlikely to generate any sort of
  3. I'm back at it and figured I'd try to show you what I do. The "snake" is about 2/3's full of standard pellets (no prep) and then topped with mesquite chips. I took out the trusty torch and lit the chip/pellet mix for about 30-45 seconds until an open flame persisted. Then I simply blew out the flame which left a nice slow-burning smolder. I find that one leg of the snake burning like this will last for ~3 hours which is plenty. About an hour and a half in and things are coming along nicely projecting for a late dinner after kids finish basketball pract
  4. Cheers to a New Year, HC. d-_-b
  5. I don't think you'll find such a thing (negative gain DAC) and certainly nothing called an amplifier is going to be designed to lower the signal strength. https://goldpt.com/sa1.html That's my recommendation. Cheap, no, but if don't want butchered signal and don't want digital attenuation I'm not sure I see much else short of DIY solutions.
  6. I'd happily buy some Mysore beans, Dan, when you get to that point. I haven't seen those available thru OBR for quite a while.
  7. This isn't really a forum for headphones.
  8. Here's to hoping that everyone had a safe and happy Christmas.
  9. Who the F buys biscuits when they are already planning to cook? No wonder your biscuit karma sucks, man.
  10. Less grammar, MOAR Happy Birthday!
  11. Tried to post this earlier from my phone and failed - Christmas Breakfast 1. Chili Cheese Eggs - egg, cheese, and mild green chillies. 2. Cinnamon French Toast Casserole
  12. 😂 - oh yee of little faith, I'm already at the midfield solution. The bike normally runs 29ers (max width 2.6) and is fully capable of running 27.5s (max width 2.8) so this fall I bought a set of nice 27.5 rims for this express purpose. Once I did that I moved to phase two, why not just buy another bike to save the hassle of swapping wheels? And I solved the cassette problem by having a spare one around. I am, if nothing else, pretty adept at solving problems through acquisition.
  13. Steve, you're 100% right on what cycling means to me. The "worth it" aspect is that snow and winter riding has been so limited for the last few years that having $400 tires sitting around is a tough sell to the other half. I'll probably do it anyway, but the struggle currently is trying to get her to accept the proper solution is actually another bike to run the aforementioned seriously expensive tires which makes the solution pretty effing d-_-b. Just haven't found the right steel or carbon hardtail yet.
  14. @luvdunhill - I've just been using standard pellets (whatever I have on hand) in the tray with some chips on top. I usually hit it with the torch at the start to the point where it's burning comfortably on it's own and difficult to blow out. That seems to create enough of a smoldering fire that it will burn through the pellets and chips at a nice steady rate. I really only care that it burns/smokes well for the first few hours.
  15. This thread has gone far too quiet. I converted the Genius to 27.5 mode for the winter so I could run as fat a tire as possible. I'm currently testing a pair of 45NRTH Wraithchild studded 27.5x3.0 tires. Today's ride, before the impending Christmas monsoon, was a success. Now to decide if dropping 4 bills on tires is worth it.
  16. I'm pretty sure that Justin used those Vampire RACs on multiple products. There's a chance that I have a pair downstairs and if so, I can send them your way for prototyping. I used them on multiple projects (KGSS, Exstata, etc.).
  17. Nice lamp, Doug. Me: I've got two nephews that are budding YouTubers so for Christmas we made them fake Creator Awards for them. I've got three coats of gold paint on them and they look acceptably funny. Here's what they looked like unfinished.
  18. ^^^ We've used a shopvac w/ my dad's Dewalt planer for going on 10 years.
  19. Annual right of Xmas - sugar cookie day. I made the dough yesterday so it'd be easier today.
  20. Unpictured - the Jonokuchi has been coaxed back into life. B+ is running high so I'm going to talk with Pete about the best way to knock that down some without over complicating life but it was nice to have music coming out of both channels again.
  21. ^^^ That thing is going to be a beast.
  22. About the same here. My parents, just an hour north, got two feet.
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