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  1. I really do like the look of the Ultra2 just still can't make it work for my use case.
  2. What's the maximum gap between the steel and the concrete? I really can't get a sense of scale from the picture and I think that's what's causing part of my difficulty. What might be possible is to set the steel straight, use it as a guide, and then cut a chamfer into the concrete to create a gap that looks uniform at the top and hides the variability that exists below it. Not exactly sure how I'd do that without staring at it a bit longer but that was the first thought that I had.
  3. I doubt any fix would make it look much better. I feel like I'm missing some overall perspective from the picture, like what is what, i.e. are you calling a "wall" something that's on the ground? But fixing/blending/hiding a joint in concrete generally doesn't last. Possible option would be some kind of coating that would span across the joint or if applicable, decorative trim to hide the gap/wave.
  4. Happy belated, Ken, haven't been online much lately!
  5. 1. Reverse seared fillet mignon. 2. Lobster pie. 3. Fondant potatoes. Next year will likely need to start with some sort of cleanse.
  6. a very happy birthday to you, Ric!
  7. n_maher


    Mother Nature is a fickle mistress.
  8. n_maher


    Hang in their Birgir.
  9. @Voltron - very good. Had to cover it and cook it just a little longer to get the crust right but it was very similar to the thin steel pan in the end. I owe you a great debt for showing me the recipe.
  10. Tried to upload from my phone earlier, failed a few times and gave up. Detroit style pizza night. Option 1 - pepperoni in the cast iron skillet because I only have one rectangular pan. Second option was pesto, of course.
  11. Haven't been online much for a couple of days but a very happy belated birthday to you, Todd. I'm glad to hear it was a good day (or 2).
  12. I did some baking as well today, Al. Classic cinnamon rolls.
  13. Happy belated birthday, Zoe. You've got one of my favorite names, ever.
  14. Happy belated birthday, Bryan.
  15. No can do, Mike. As in, I don’t really think it’s possible and I also don’t want to. If you want to take a break, short, long, or otherwise from this place you are free to do so as an exercise of your free will. But I won’t be the thing that prevents you from coming back. That seems like the exact opposite of how I feel about this. It also feels very much like revisionist history and would likely break/ruin quite a few good threads around here. Jacob did it once and it was awful. I know this has affected you deeply, Mike. And just so we’re clear, I liked your earlier post because I agree, you’ve always been a great part of this community and incredibly generous with your support. @skullguise - thanks for taking the time to write your response.
  16. Chocolate Chess Pie - https://cooking.nytimes.com/recipes/1024822-chocolate-chess-pie I decided i needed an excuse to test the pie crust recipe that I want to use on Thanksgiving. It was judged to be quite good and that it should be made again.
  17. I'm not sure why you are or are not surprised Mike. I don't know enough to comment significantly, so I don't. I can't like something as horrible and tragic as all of what is going on in Israel these days. My sister in law is Jewish. Our kids' best friends are Jewish. Does that matter? Not to me. They are great people, regardless of religion, that's what I know. As for what you expected from HC I don't know what to think about that comment either. I think you know that ultimately this is one of the most compassionate and caring corners of the internet. Did it spring into action to support your post? I guess not. But I'm not sure how it could have either. What I do know is that this place has rallied unlike any other to support its friends, time and time again. I think this is a good place, one largely free of hate. But it remains imperfect, like everything else in life.
  18. Happy birthday JP#s, miss you man.
  19. Aw for the frick of things - life just gets too busy at times. Happy very belated, Marc.
  20. Suggestion - instead of trimming the lids to get the IEC to fit, why not 3d print a spacer? Be a shame to risk mangling an otherwise pristine set of cases. Looks like you only need a mm or two.
  21. Busy start to Sunday. Perhaps I'm not so lazy. Triple batch of banana bread. Brisket Chili
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