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  1. If you don't already have a good temperature probe you should get one of those too.
  2. Thanks! The area that we're looking to ride (Cape Cod, MA) is relatively flat so likely the easiest century I will have ever done.
  3. Once again this year I'm prepping to ride a century in support of the Kelly Brush Foundation. I have (quite literally) been training my ass off and started the year with a goal of riding more than 2,020 (get it?) miles before the event. Well, I've truly exceeded that and am currently sitting at ~2,300 with a few more weeks to go before the ride. Of course, as most things have gone in 2020, this year's event will be quite different from the past with no formal large gathering in VT. So the group of us that have done events like this for the last 10 years are going to get together and ride a
  4. Here's a tip that I got from a friend that is a butcher, grills are pretty terrible for cooking steaks unless you like them really rare. I have not used my grill to completely cook a steak for several years now. The current process, which came from the butcher friend, is to sear both sides of the steak on a very hot grill for 2-3 min a side. Then transfer to the oven (in a pan) at 225F-250F and finish to desired internal temp, generally pulling 5F early and letting the steak rest for 10 minutes or so before serving. For burgers I religiously do the following - burgers are to be flipped
  5. ^^ The first five or so Audible reviews I read of that were not encouraging.
  6. Decided to have a little fun with the Traeger since it is, in essence, a wood-fired oven. My parent's watched the kids one day this week and picked up some fresh peaches so I figured it was time for cobbler, round 2. lnitial phase Mid Cook Done
  7. Nice! Higher cadence is allegedly easier on your joints as well.
  8. Completely understand, I'm twisted.
  9. The commute home yesterday was a bit of a bear. I was running late, pissed off, and there was a 10mph headwind out of the southwest which meant I was headed dead into it. It was also 86F out.
  10. Sweet! You up for giving it a shot driving speakers instead of ear speakers?
  11. Went for a rip around the neighborhood this morning.
  12. I haven't used it a ton yet but I got a Flux S earlier in the summer and it's been working great.
  13. My parents dropped off fresh peaches, so cobbler it was. Did a horrible job sprinkling cinnamon, didn't matter. It was great.
  14. If you want to go even more stretched out, Dan, I've got a spare 130mm stem.
  15. Once we get a confirmed working layout I can order a bunch and distribute as needed.
  16. Kevin, Pardon the stupid question - from a W/ch perspective, what are you projecting this thing to be capable of with the above-referenced power supply? My bubba math says something like 100W, Just looking to get an idea of heat sink requirements.
  17. It was a little heavy on the sale and pepper but other wise turned out good. I took the right 1/3 and turned it into burnt ends, those came out better. and "Super Smoke" mode on the Ironwood appears to do the job.
  18. Trying the next brisket experiment on the Traeger. It's a 4lb (trimmed) point so we'll see how this turns out compared to the flat that I did previously. It was a bit of a bizarre cut, I think that they actually cut the whole point off of the flat so the right hand side (as shown above) is pretty floppy and unsupported. I'll likely end up turning half of this or so into burnt ends to go along with some traditional brisket slices tonight for dinner.
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