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  1. A very happy birthday to you, Ric!
  2. Same Jim, power kicked out here around 8pm last night when a second cell went thru and hit us with some crazy gusts for a bit. Lots of trees down which made going to pick up the kids quite the adventure. Still no power here which makes this one of the longest outages we've had since we bought the house (11+hrs). Everything is ok for now, both fridges powered, house mostly heated, etc. But the temps dropped like a rock over night (from 50 to 10F) so things are going to be wickedly frozen out in the world. Here's to hoping the power comes back on soon. I'd prefer not to attempt to cook Christmas breakfast on a single burner.
  3. Walnut seems entirely too beautiful to use for legs unless the pieces that you have just don't have much character.
  4. Too many rotten bananas around so...
  5. ^^ This or the free version of SketchUp are pretty good tools for layout and exploring different configurations.
  6. I thought he was going ass over tea kettle with that bridge jump @ 165mph.
  7. Happy Birthday, Todd!
  8. Made another batch of rolls today for Thanksgiving, part deux.
  9. Haven't been around much this week, happy belated birthday!!
  10. I made brisket chili today so that dinner would be ready when I got home, I then decided that I wanted biscuits as a side.
  11. Happy birthday, nums! @Voltron - that's a goddamn disturbing image.
  12. Ayup. Down here on the coast we’re just getting misery rain, defined by me as when it’s sub-40, raining, and so windy as to render an umbrella useless (horizontal rain). I had to tour some folks around yesterday and it was properly nasty outside. Slightly better today with flurries in the forecast so it would appear there’s a chance of winter arriving this year.
  13. This morning required French toast.
  14. @The Monkey - Happy birthday, my friend.
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