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  1. @bhjazz - normally I'd say buy some good quality mic cable and fancy XLRs if you want and make your own, proper length cables. But: With shipping on the parts from Markertek you'd struggle to spend much less than these folks will build you a set for.
  2. I don't think you'll find anyone here advocating for spending north of a grand on interconnects. I'm also confused because you say your current cables use 4-pin Neutrik XLRs, you mean 3-pin right? But then suggest that you might consider replacing them with WBT ends - as far as I'm aware WBT doesn't make XLRs. And 5-7 meter RCA cables might be a bad idea. Before spending more, I'd recommend spending less on cables and seeing if it makes any difference.
  3. Measure. Provide measurements to fellow idiot w/ CNC router and laser cutting tools.
  4. Why? For the chop saw? Every zero-clearance insert I've seen comes as a solid piece and you just run the blade thru. I feel confused.
  5. But the question is - what did you serve them on?
  6. Let me know if you want any laser cut or etched funness, that's what got me thinking about it. With the lining material being 1/4" typically there's a lot that can be done with the laser and it's not like charring the edges would be an undesirable effect in a box that houses things to be smoked.
  7. Hey @naamanf - A humidor might make a fun project for the CNC router and laser...
  8. Sunday night dinner - chicken enchiladas verdes - made with my chili verde recipe for the sauce and marinated chicken (in lime juice, olive oil, salt, pepper and oregano). Pre-bake Time to eat
  9. We are not your Google. Read more, post less.
  10. Agreed and again, I appreciate you pointing it out to me. I did some more reading on the subject last night and came to the same conclusion. I'll stick to the approved materials list.
  11. Found a lightly used set of Nobby Nic 27.5x3.0 tires a few towns over so I snatched them up for 40% of the cost of one tire and got them mounted for a ride today. I'll still probably end up picking up a set of studded snow tires but for now, it's fun playing monster truck in the woods.
  12. Thanks for the heads up, thankfully, the unit is enclosed and runs an exhaust fan which I route outside. Still, I don't plan on lasering much of it.
  13. I keep making things I don't really need. While looking for a spare power supply around the abandoned office I happened upon several rolls of what I can only call, magnetic whiteboard tape. My brain immediately thought, hmmm, I wonder if the laser can engrave and cut this stuff? So, I brought a scrap home and loaded up my current favorite file. I present, RTJ fridge magnets.
  14. The challenge in making that is likely going to be that the main baffle will be a two-sided operation if you do it fully on the CNC rig. Honestly, seems like a project that would be best accomplished by a mix of CNC and the table saw.
  15. RTJ hands fixed Honestly, I'm pretty psyched with how these came out and they were a great test bed for figuring out how to accurately combine/sequence engraving and cutting. Now for a light sanding and finishing and then delivery to their owner.
  16. Pico Slim coupled with the DAC of your choice. I am not aware of any product that approached that particular set of requirements in a more focused way. I tried to convince Justin to build a desktop product with that attenuator and frankly, have considered buying one just to strip it out of the chassis and do it myself. The main problem is that a larger volume knob is desirable but might cover the output jack. It's low on the list of priorities for me since I've moved almost completely away from IEMS for home listening.
  17. My current "problem" is that I'm tempted to see if I can get someone to buy my Shapeoko so that I can upgrade to the Pro. I've almost bought the Z axis upgrade a few times which is likely more than half the price difference that the upgrade would cost with a much smaller fraction of the improvements.
  18. If either of you ever need something drawn up in CAD and converted to a DXF or even (maybe, haven't tested completely) an SVG I can make pretty quick work of it. I'm shite at 3D stuff, but flat vectors should be no issue.
  19. Sadly, she's dead again. https://www.thedailybeast.com/bond-girl-that-70s-show-star-tanya-roberts-has-died-rep-says-after-premature-death-announcement
  20. The Pico Slim, while not a DAC, would make for an exceptional volume control if nothing else.
  21. it wouldn't take you long to figure it out, Steve, There's a ton of info on the web about most machines. I think the routers are actually easier to approach than the lasers and printers that I've been able to use. Speaking of, I've been working on a printing project too but we'll wait to see if what I printed actually works before celebrating.
  22. I'll certainly share the files as soon as I get the hands cut the right way. I modified the source file this morning and will regenerate the associated vector files when I get home to the machine with Inkscape. The laser that I'm running is a Dremel Digilab LC40. The uphill battle was mostly getting the right type of file generated. Converting AutoCAD to PDF (which is alleged to work) was not working and I both think that I figured out why it wasn't working and also figured out definitively how to use Inkscape to generate a vector that will cut. More experimentation for sure and the ne
  23. Yup, sure can. I don't speak for anyone other than myself when I say I could not care less about your personal headphone journey. This website does not exist to make you feel good. Members here are free to respond (or not, as is the case here) to your review. You bumping your own thread looking for gratification is not something that I'm forced to tolerate as a moderator here. So either take my friend Todd's advice above and realize that you've basically been treated with kid gloves so far or don't and you'll find you no longer have to worry about it. Last piece of advice - imagine you j
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