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  1. Happy Birthday, Todd! Thanks again for creating and continuing to host this madness.
  2. With a little luck I'll do the commute again on Friday.
  3. Today's commute back and forth to work. It was hot.
  4. How tall will it end up being? Reason I ask, CMU even when concrete filled has very little strength to resist backfill. And be especially cautious if there is any potential for the soil behind the wall to get saturated and retain water. They make little weep structures to allow water but not dirt to pass thru the wall and I'd advise that as well as adding some reinforcing to help give the wall a bit more strength if it's going up more than a course or two. NOTE - I'm not licensed to practice engineering in your jurisdiction so you should take all of that as informal, friendly advice.
  5. ^^ It's all relative, Dan. I've got a friend in town that routinely goes out and rips off 40+ mile rides at averages well over 20mph.
  6. Decided to ride to our vacation spot today. Didn't look at time/distance/speed once during the ride. Just rode at a pace that I thought would allow me to finish. An unexpected detour added about five and a half miles and an additional big hill or two but I survived, so no complaints.
  7. I've been continuing to train pretty hard this year and am now back to commuting to work on the bike. Had a nice tailwind on the way home today and was racing impending storms so I pushed hard.
  8. Aw frick, RIP Grant. Would not have guessed that he was older than me and yes, 49 is WAY too young.
  9. I'll keep my eye on things.
  10. He doesn't really need to worry about reading it. #shoveled
  11. Just a heads up - OBR has Bali Blue Krishna back in stock. I love the stuff.
  12. Happy Birthday!
  13. Happy belated Birthday! Work had me offline for most of the last 2 days so blame the government, we probably deserve it.
  14. This. All of this. I used to build my own power cables too, but mostly just for fun and I don't think I ever spent more than $20 or $30 in parts which still felt silly.
  15. Yes, "traditional" armadillo eggs are just* sausage packed jalapeƱos stuffed with one's choice of cream cheese and cheese (that's my choice) and some add BBQ rub or spices too but I prefer au naturel. But then I found the recipe that said to wrap them in bacon and I was like, "Why the fuck not?" I definitely got a look or two while preparing them, but all objections were silenced upon sampling. I'm now imagining working any leftover bits, if there are such a thing, into an omelette. Because life deserves complicated breakfast. * Note that there is nothing just about non-bacon wrapped a
  16. Decided to try some non-brisket things on the Traeger. 1. 3-2-1 ribs (rubbed, used too much brown sugar, will adjust down next time, but still came out great) After 3hrs in the smoke 2. Bacon wrapped armadillo eggs (stuffed jalapeƱos wrapped in sausage) ^^^These were delicious. Also, definitely not sad that I went with the bigger model Ironwood as I also tossed some chicken breasts on there for good measure and didn't have to to use the second shelf and worry about cross pollination from the non-pork product.
  17. Even if the new ones are introduced with a chipset that you don't like there will likely be closeouts, refurbs and other options that will make it possible to purchase just about whatever you want (within reason).
  18. n_maher

    Podcast Thread

    Good idea for a thread. I'll be listening to the one that you posted. One of my favorites - https://www.hdtgminfo.com/
  19. Thanks Kerry. I've got some thoughts on really building my own after these first two. The biggest hurdle in this build was simply assembling and mounting the crossovers, which once completed reminded me very much of my point to point wiring adventures back in the day and was quite fun. The next project should be easier (more interior space) but the long term vision is to use the CNC router to build an enclosure for some leftover drivers and tweeters that I have from a long-abandoned speaker building project and make some that I'll actually use. I will say, the little 6" sub in this thing, alo
  20. It's "reasonably sized" (official dimensions - 9" H x 20" W x 6" D) and the main use will be out in the back yard and in the shop. https://www.parts-express.com/executive-200-watt-portable-bluetooth-speaker-kit--300-7164
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