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  1. Yeah, but I heard the wine sounded veiled...
  2. I did some wiring work for Ian tonight so that he could actually listen to this beauty. Two connections got tweaked during the change of venue but with a little heat she was back up and running in no time. Sounded pretty good fed by Monica the mint DAC.
  3. Who is this Rick that you speak of? Yikes, Welcome to the 'case, good to have another NH brother in the house. Nate
  4. FWIW I didn't mean to imply in my previous post that I in any way thought that anyone here had done anything wrong, just figured I'd get the ball rolling with full disclosure of what I use in my cables . Nate
  5. In support of your cause I'll go edit my post now, not that I make anything nice enough to buy ... Nate
  6. I would suggest that depending on budget the Headroom Millett might make a great office rig, hey wait, that's what I use! It's footprint is rather small (7"w x 9"d x 5"h w/ tubes) and has nice things like 2 switchable inputs (great for compy and DAP), crossfeed and preamp outs (for speakers). I can't believe I waited as long as I did to move mine into the office. Even with the desktop PS it still doesn't seem any bigger than the PIMETA that I had there before because the footprint is nearly the same. Also, the Millett does a wonderful job of masking crappy sources like lossy MP3's but can resolve enough detail to sound excellent when called upon. After a marathon session in the office today (14.5 hours ) I know that I couldn't have made it through it without the Millett and the HD600s. That's my 2?, Nate
  7. Thanks man, they took about 45 min. each to build so either I'm getting better at cables or my standards are getting lower . On the blue / blue-white cable one pair is in fact covered with clear shrink. I was just messing with the different types/colors that I had on hand since I didn't really care how they looked. So that cable has blue shrink on one side, clear on the other. As far as lessons learned goes I don't think I'll be using the clear any time soon as a single layer cover. The stuff that I have is very thin and I don't think it'll stand the test of time very well. In comparison the red, white and blue that I used on the other parts of the cable is quite nice. Nate
  8. I've invited en480c4 - he's a quiet guy but has a MAD music collection...
  9. n_maher

    Paypal Fees

    This is a multi-edged sword in my opinion. On the one hand as a seller I'm trying to make the transaction as secure and convenient as possible for the buyer and myself by using Paypal (I've never had issues with it, knock on wood) but at the same time I'm not willing to necessarily take the 3% hit on the price of the item to do so. So I don't feel at all bad asking the buyer to pay the fee, it's just the cost of doing business. And I no longer advertise anything as including Paypal fees, I just say "any applicable transaction fees". I don't think they could get me for that. As a buyer I have no issue with someone asking me to pay the fee or asking me to pay in bank-funds so that they can accept the Paypal payment without having to have a Premier account. To me it's like if I was asking $100 shipped for an item and someone offered to come pick it up, I'm certainly going to adjust the price to reflect the fact that I don't have to ship it. So if someone wants to suggest a method of payment other than Paypal I'll adjust the price accordingly. I don't think the gas station analogy applies to the type of transactions we do here as I'm sure for large businesses it is a matter of whether or not a customer would use your service if you didn't allow for the use of a CC (or whatever). Finally, for what it's worth the formula for figuring the total payment required to net the asking price = (price + $.30)/.971 - at least that's what works for my premier account. Nate
  10. Banged out some quick and dirty mini/RCA cables last night to use with my Headroom Millett. Components: Neutrik NYS231B Mini Plug Canare L-4E6S Mic Cable Radioshack Heatshrink *bling* Canare F-09 RCAs Total Construction Cost = $10 and will nuke any Monster mini/RCA cable Sound pretty good so far. Nate
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